Wayne Thiebaud,  Man sitting, 1964 Mark Rothko, Untitled (Brown and Grey), 1969

John William Godward, An Auburn Beauty, 1895Cy TwomblyFifty Days at Iliam: The Fire that Consumes All before It, 1978

Luis Ricardo FaleroEnchantress, 1878

Cy TwomblyScent of Madness, 1986

Nigel Van WieckQ TrainPaul Klee

Vincent van Gogh,Self-portrait, September 1889

Willem de Kooning

Gustav KlimtThe Virgin, 1913

Wassily KandinskyComposition VIII, 1923

Edmund TarbellGirl with Violin, 1890

Markus Amm

Welcome to Monday, and to a beautiful little exercise playing with beautiful art. There are so many ways for something to delight, aren’t there?

Anyway, I was asked to speak on a panel discussing Instagram tonight, and how to successfully use it to promote your brand and business. My role is discussing the aesthetics. I  put together a little presentation discussing a few ways to take better pictures, and how to make the photos you do take better. No fancy cameras necessary. I’m not a photographer, or an expert, but I am happy to share whatever knowledge I have (through trial and error and bothering my photographer friends all night long – major thanks to Shirley Serure!) with the world! I actually made a power point presentation for this. Good god. Anyway, if you are in Brooklyn tonight and would like to join, shoot me an email and I will hook you up with details. But if you cant make it, I’ll share highlights here tomorrow.

AND wait- should we talk Downton?

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Lauren says:

    I like the Q Train painting. If only a subway ride was that peaceful…

  2. Ooooh wish I could have made it out to BK, would have loved to have heard that one. Pumped for a recap tomorrow!

  3. Love the Q train/Wayne Theibaud and the Enchantress (rawr!). Obsessed with portraits…this is my fave of all time by Gerhard Richter




  4. Not sure if I ever saw this…Thanks! Anytime!