These are a few of my favorite things…

Joan Collins in my wedding band, and another ring I wear daily.

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely holiday. I’ve been holed up with a really bad cold. I’ve got a touch of cabin fever and a bad case of Breaking Bad addiction (best show ever). Anyway, right before Hanukkah, I found this little book called 50 Shades at Maison 24. I thought it was such an adorable book to gift someone, it’s all different celebrities of yore wearing sunglasses, matched with quotes from them about identity. Upon closer inspection, I’ve realized some of the quotes are eh and make no sense within the book. The best one is from Jack Nicholson : “With my sunglasses I’m  Jack Nicholson, without them I’m fat and 60.” But anyway, its still really cute, and a great hostess gift. The holidays are a time of warmth and family, but they are also a time for blatant materialism. And so I bring you “A few of my favorite things” as worn by various famous faces. These are things on my nightstand, that go in and out of the rotation daily, and that I love.

Julie Christie in a special black and rose gold Gracelette. HERE.

Sophia Lauren wears a vintage costume earring  my aunt lent me years ago. She might see this and want them back! 

Catherine Deneuve wears a necklace my grandmother got me for my birthday when I was a teenager. 

Marianne Faithful in a Repossi ring. HERE.

Faye Dunaway wears my leather SUPER sunglasses. HERE.

Terry Savalas in an oxblood angora hat by Club Monaco. HERE.

Jack Nicholson smokes my favorite hot pink lipstick. 

Melina Mercouri in my Cape Cod watch. 

Jean-Claud Brialy in my favorite bracelets. 

What are some of your favorite things?!?

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  1. pretty darn cool nicole. pretty darn cool.

  2. Marielle says:

    love this post!!

  3. very cool!!! creative! love it… that cabin fever

  4. This is one of my favorite things you’ve posted! Such a great and creative way to display your favorite things.

  5. grace says:

    Love Love love how this post came out!!!
    very clever!!!

  6. This is the coolest post I have seen in foevahhhhhh


  7. Grams says:

    You r sensational. Ur conception of doing things is above and beyond. Maybe that’s why I love you,,,that’s besides Why I love u.

  8. Margarettekass says:

    You are sensational!! Ur conception of doing things is above and beyond. Maybe that’s y I love…..that’s besides y I love u!!!!

  9. These are great!! Want one for myself!
    Saw that you’re addicted to Breaking Bad and had to laugh. My husband and I just discovered the show recently and watched the last episode 2 nights ago. Best show ever and no one I know watches it!

  10. the BEST blog post of 2012, handsdown.

  11. This is the most cool way to show your favorite items !! I really love it ! it’s very original !

    xoxo from japan

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