The White Art.

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal Magazine ran an article about the 4 homes of architect Daniel Romualdez. They are all awesome… really… but I just stopped in my tracks when I saw THE WHITE PAINTING. I’ve spoken about my love of the monochrome painting before… HERE and HERE. But what do you think of this white canvas, framed simply in brass? I mean, we obviously cant see what kind of texture is happening there. But what if there is none? What if its just a flat white canvas? Then what?

While we think about that, lets look at Romualdez’s homes, huh? These images are collected from the WSJ and Architectural Digest.

His work has such a light and airy touch doesn’t it? I feel like a light touch VS the dreaded heavy hand is what separates the men from the boys in this field, don’t you? And like so many things, when you see something that is done so elegantly, that integrates art so casually and purposefully, and that just feels graceful, you’re like, huh. Right.

And back to our white canvas. All I can say is I like where this is going. A lot. Feels like such a welcome break from the craziness I’m sure I’m about to see at Art Basel. I’m not even talking about the art, I’m talking about the SCENE surrounding it. The white canvas just seems so restful in the face of crazy. And while I personally could never PAY for a monochrome painting, because well, that would be like me ordering in a salad when I have all the ingredients sitting right there in the fridge (No shit- I do that), I feel compelled to tell you about The Colour Shop on etsy, that is selling framed monochrome panels. There. This has been brewing with me for a while- years- so stay tuned to see what this idea will turn into. I’m not even sure yet.


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  1. Although I love the brass frame, in that particular setting I think the white painting is bringing your sight up to high and not letting your eyes comfortable roll around the room.

    It simply feels to bright.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I think I agree with you- it sucks the eye in like a black hole- BUT maybe its just a strange space and a different photo would suck you in even more?


  3. ALL. SO. GOOD. Singing to my heart.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  4. I love an unexpected blank canvas! Pretty much love every single picture as well!

  5. Marielle says:

    u know i love anything chic,modern,and white! but mostly loving all the chairs! do u know who makes them?


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