The Uniform Project.

I have a challenge for you blog folk. I want us all to par down our wardrobe in the new year and pick our ten favorite pieces. Then I want us to challenge ourselves to only wear those ten pieces for a week. The Uniform Project. Why? Because isn’t this how we all live anyway? In 2013 I plan to buy less crap, less stuff in general, but hopefully, everything I do buy I will love for years. Ideally I would like to be collecting amazing pieces that are incredibly special, instead of just collecting mid-priced trendy garbage. (I feel the same way about homes too: One special handmade bowl makes me INFINITELY happier than the thirty mass produced  and cheap vases I have. In fact, those irritate me now.) Every season, I am going to scrap the binge shopping at Zara and try to find one amazing thing that really makes me smile. These things arent always just “The Most Expensive” they are just what you connect with the most. I feel like most girls I know already do this when it comes to shoes: They would rather save and buy one or two nice pairs than 10 pairs of cheaper shoes. But for some reason, the idea of fast fashion has replaced the idea of quality over quantity. And because of blogging, instragram and pinterest: the latest trends seem to be “wilting on a woman a few hours after she buys into them.”  This doesn’t sit well with me, because its just so true. So consumption based. So un-sustainable. What am I supposed to do with last years’ neon Equipment top now? Sell it? I think we all feel a little uneasy about this free-fall into trendiness. REBELLION!

Am I the only one who finds one thing that works, wears it for weeks and then alters it a bit, and starts wearing that for a month straight? I am not. All the higher life forms do it too: Steve Jobs, Aliens, People from the Future. And I’ve asked a bunch of my friends, blogging and IRL, to do this challenge with me, and they loved the idea, and now I’m asking you too. I thought it would be fun and cool to see how other people would dress for the end of times!  If I were a blogging mastermind, I’d have some really cool way for us all to share photos, and how to publish this to get a million hits, but I sure aint. So I’m asking you: How to do this? Everyone wears it at the same time and live instragrams using the hashtag #theuniformproject? or do I pick people and follow them for a week taking photos, one person (PS not just girls!) at a time? Or both?

What does this have to do with the gratuitous photos of me and Cooks? Zilch. I was photographing my new uniform of late (see it doesnt have to be all black!) , and she jumped right into the photos. Yes, she dresses herself. And NO, she doesnt usually drink from a sippy cup, but she wanted it to-go. And last, now I see that the sweater with the beige band across the middle is a most terrible look. Scratching that one from my list.

But to sum it up: Jeans, White Jeans, This Blazer, White Button Down, Black Turtleneck, Black T-Shirt, Plaid Shirt, Margiela H&M boots, flat boots, and…. maybe a denim shirt?


Photos courtesy of my sis Steph. 

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  1. I LOVE the fact you included the Aliens wardrobe. My life is now complete:-)

    Funny you should mention this, it’s been on my mind lately, as I run to H&M to get wardrobe fixes. I really think I’d rather spend some money on quality pieces and rotate things around. I really like simplicity and think of Audrey Hepburn’s look. She was always so elegant looking with minimal effort.

    Great idea, I’m in!!!

  2. so with you on this girl. lately i’ve been walking away from all the unnecessaries and really not giving a sh*t if i’ve worn my favorite chambray button up twelve times this month already. nothing wrong with a uniform! ready to PURGE everything else and purchase the staples i really need and the pieces that make me giddy. let’s go.

  3. I totally agree with you on this. I feel like I have def done this with bags and shoes, but when it come to my wardrobe I have no shame in picking up an ultra trending H&M top to be worn once. My next staple? A Chambray soft button up.

  4. Nickie says:

    love this idea! Im doing it!

  5. I’m all about my uniform….its easy you don’t have to think much at 6 am and you know you will look cute. I would do the challenge….is there a start date? I don’t have instagram (or iPhone…blasphemy!)….

    And Yes I agree about buying less stuff….and more quality. For some reason I have barely given in to the fast trends and buying too much stuff….I really prefer quality over anything else….the good thing….I have stuff in my closet from 15 years or more….my friends laugh when I tell them something is from high school! Sometimes you keep stuff that you loved but get sick off for a few years and then its new again.

    let me know the deats on the challenge.

  6. Sabrina says:

    “All the higher life forms do it too: Steve Jobs, Aliens, People from the Future.”

    A bit redundant, but OK.

    I’ve been working from home ever since Sandy, so my uniform should be a snap: skiing frog prince pajama pants, shirt from 6th grade, and duckie slippers. Done and done.

  7. Jenduradis says:

    love love this idea! I think i good way to keep track is just hash tagging on instagram.

    unrelated but id also love to hear about your life as a young, stylish mom.

  8. CASEY BROOKS says:


  9. im in.

  10. Sue says:

    after recently filling up my closet with tons of clothes that I really don’t need, I too have been comtemplating a uniform…life would be so much easier, and I wouldn’t have all this buyers remorse. that being said, I love your blazer and was hoping you would let us all know where it was purchased…this is one thing I do not have in my wardrobe, not one single blazer, and yours is so cool!