The Street Art Museum: Wynwood Walls.

I’ve been to Miami before, but I was completely surprised by how much exciting stuff was happening so far from the beach! As a New Yorker, its also surprising to see any open space in a city, and while Downtown Miami and the Design District are literally up and coming, there are still so many empty spaces between neighborhoods. One of our favorite stops was the Wynwood District. The Wynwood district was originally a warehouse neighborhood, until 2009 when Tony Goldman reinvisioned it as an outdoor street art mecca, where street artists from around the world could come to use the huge windowless walls of the warehouses as their on-the-street canvases. It originally started with just a few buildings but The Wynwood Walls project has spread outside of the original complex and the entire area has been transformed into a vibrant cultural must see for tourists, literally transforming a run down area into another world while elevating and celebrating the best in the world’s street art.

Enjoy the photos! The experience is a MUST DO! You can learn about Wynwood Walls and the artists that work there HERE.






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  1. these are fab!!!

  2. Elizabeth Braha says:

    I was amazed too!! Loved watching the artists at work… Definitely my new favorite spot in Miami!

  3. littlebadwolf says:

    last time i was down in that area near the airport none of wynwood walls existed. it will be great fun to drive back to the area and see it. thank you, nicole.

  4. Glad you made it up to wynwood. If I were gonna move back to Miami it would be in the design district. Totally blowin up!!

  5. Next time I´ll go to Miami Design District will definitely be my first stop. Thanks to artists like this people can look at the graffiti in a new light. And I have to say this playfulnesses really fits into the Miami´s style of life. Actually,I was surprised when I found out that even my city, Toronto, has a few interesting street art creations. Discovering places like Wynwood District makes me feel bad for overlooking street art for so long.