QUICK: Last Minute DIY Gifts!

Are you an über procrastinator like me? Probably not. You probably have all your Christmas gifts all wrapped and ready to go. Butttttt just in case, here are ten DIY’s that are so easy, you could whip em up in just a few minutes and gift them to someone you must not care about too much, because hey, why didn’t you get them a gift yet?!?!?

1. Suede Celine wanna be cuff… Turning a bangle into a cuff is always a good idea. HERE. 2. For a hostess, DIY Marbled Glassware HERE. 3. Dog Lover: Handmade leather dog leash. HERE. 4. Only Grandma would want these, but hey, she would probably LOVE them. Kid-made Napkins. HERE. 5. Photography buffs would kill for this, its also super easy. HERE. 6. For anyone cute and young ;) I never wrote it up, but buy wire and leather and shape it.

7. If your giftee is going on vacation tomorrow, HERE. 8. Sculpee napkin rings, so chic and easy. I never wrote up the DIY, but its basically, shape and bake for 10 minutes (see clay instructions for temp.) 9. One of my favorites: Take a photo you or they love, band inspired, photography inspired, or of the two of you and iron on to a t-shirt. AWESOMESAUCE and seems like your thoughtful. HERE. 10. For the fashionista (god that word sucks) Charlotte Olympia inspired lucite clutch. Rockstar. HERE. 

Now I have to say, beware of giving handmade gifts. You dont want to be that weird relative that always gifts something weird and un-returnable. You know the types that give you things that they’ve had in their house for years and now suddenly call it an “antique” and its yours? Yea. You dont want to be that. BUT, I’m confident that some of these, if gifted to the right person, could work well for you!

Also check out LGN’s DIY gift ideas, this is where I got the idea for my post!


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  1. Ummm ok those marbled glasses and that lucite clutch is beyond. Seriously need to make both of these stat.

  2. Cheri says:

    Very creative and interesting! Ur a “NIC” of all trades!!!