One of my favorite pieces at the Pulse fair yesterday, its Beverly by Alex Prager… Seeing this piece makes me smile and think. Smile, and think. And smile.

Whenever you are confused or sad, or feel misplaced, experiencing an abundance of art can make you feel alive again. That’s what its there for, after all, to connect our human spirits in the face of the unknown and certain death. Everything about human life is wrapped up in avoiding the despair of existence and convincing ourselves that there is something more. That there is meaning. Maybe there is and maybe there isn’t, we can never know, but we can choose to live as though there is meaning, because it’s the only way. (Or you can embrace lack of meaning and truly be free, but thats harder and you can always fall prey to despair.) But I find that the best ways for me to overcome my existential crises is to snap myself back into the present- and I do that with art, exercise, and children. Living in any moment but the now is painful. How does this tie into anything? Well yesterday’s post was harsh, I felt bad about it all day. What came off as a judgement of others, should have been a judgement of myself. I once wrote a piece about how standing in line at PM when I was 20 gave me a serious existential crisis and made me doubt every fiber of my being and tenant of my life. The reason I dislike this “scene” so much is that it puts me on edge, makes me feel uncomfortable, and in a sense every minute that I am in it, I’m posturing and behaving inauthentically for myself. I’m acting in bad faith, and that makes me feel awkward and bad. You see how I had to cop to photoshop? I think that must have been to combat a feeling of dishonestly. So I’m not taking back what I said yesterday, I’m just qualifying it.

But POOF!!!! What a great day we had yesterday! Running on the boardwalk, followed by moped renting, Pulse, Wynwood- which is so amazingly fun!- and Art Miami, then a few parties. It was the ideal Basel day. I have hundreds of photos to go through but I’ll be bringing you the best of the art that has inspired me and made me smile, and think!

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  1. Marielle says:

    LOVE EVERY WORD OF THIS POST! so true- yesterday is ancient history, and tomorrow is science fiction! lets live in today and just breathe in every moment! love your kids, love your art, and love yourself! i am excited for dinner tonight though! :)

  2. Love this post! Thanks for sharing.

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  3. Hi Nicole
    I found your blog some days ago and I like to follow it. When you write about how you experience despair of existence, meaning of life and art, I can find my own feelings reflected and that makes me feel good. It seems that I’m not the only one who needs to create to find meaning…
    Greetings from Switzerland