Jumbo Print.

Yesterday I randomly walked into a Staples and decided to make an Architect’s Print of a photo I took last week with my iPhone. They give you an email address, you email the photo, wait 5 minutes, pay $6 and viola! I could NOT believe that the image didn’t come out pixelated and blurry! It did however, come with only three sides of a border, which they then cut off, and also there are stripes from the printer in the print. Now I think I want to go back and reprint with a border, also edit the photo a tad before I do… They also have an option to print with a photo printer, but that was $75 and I was really skeptical that the photo would print that big, so I wanted to try the cheapy version first.

OK, now I want to make 100 architect prints of these kids and modge podge them to their walls. And all their furniture too, why not? The playroom could use an architects print, the hallway, the kitchen, every room, really… and why stop at photos of the kids, I should get crazy and print all the photos I love on the cheap like this. I also love the hanging with the clips, but I dont want the house to look like a dorm, So I have to keep that to a minimum. Heres another idea- modge one to a cork board?!? And give it as a gift.

This picture! It could be the best photo I’ve ever taken. I probably need to print it at my fancy printing place and make it super gorgeous on $30 paper. And now, for the real question here: WHY AND HOW DOES COOKIE KNOW HOW TO SMIZE? Smeyes? How do we spell that? Girl is giving sexy face X1000 in this photo and I love her for it.

Cookie is begging me to hang this over her bed instead of JoJos. Mommy, I promise I will take very good care of it.

Happy Weekend folks… hug your kids extra tight.

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  1. That picture is amazing! I have a ginormitrone one of my little dude in his room too, hung with clips- love, love! And you’re right…a whole wall would be amazing.

  2. Love this image- let’s make an artist canvas wall mural ;)

  3. You are talented with the camera too??
    Your photo is amazing!!! I’m drawn into the serenity and coziness of your image. Wow!!!

  4. Love it! It is such a cool piece!

  5. Such a beautiful picture! Def need to get in on this Architect printing. LOVE.

  6. Cheri says:

    Beyond magnificent!! U have an uncanny knack for catching them at just thr right second!!! Waiting for mine!!!

  7. cooks is america’s next top model that’s why.

    it’s an amazing photo regardless of how much smize cookie is giving.

    you got skills.

  8. This is a wonderful photo! and cookie is the cutest little girl…the modelling is innate in her. ANd wonderful to know about the $7 prints! There are a million of my photos I want to blow up but have been putting it off because of the expense….this could become an obsession!!