In the name of ART.

More cabin fever photos. Although, I’m feeling better now… So, NO, I did NOT let my boy eat 8 billion oreos, but it did make for a good photo op. Obviously, I’ll do anything for a good shot! If only pictures had sounds, you’d hear many WOAHs from JoJo as I dumped out the box. Oh wait, they do. It’s called video.

Anyway, my children are my muses. These are the only people that I can boss around and photograph at will without it being weird. Also, they are down for most things I want to do, and OH YEA, they look good in every picture.

Plus it’s fun. I actually have another family blog that just has photos of my kids. It’s private, but what is great about it, is that my entire extended family checks it regularly so they can see updates on our little lives without me emailing ten photos a day. It’s like a time capsule/journal/online scrapbook of cuteness, and over the past 6 months that I’ve been doing it, its come to be my favorite thing in the world to do. I’ve painted this little picture of the idyllic carefree and romantic childhood that I’ve always imagined should exist. And visualizing it through the family blog makes it in-real-time nostalgic (that’s part of the pain of having children, knife in the heart nostalgia for things that still exist), and beautiful. I’ve made it so that life with these kids is literally picturesque.

Some people comment on blogs and online forums about parents photographing their kids all the time, and how annoying it must be for the kids and even how they cant be good parents if they are always taking pictures of them and not “watching them.” Clearly, these people have no kids. Because A. as joyful as having children is, it can also be profoundly boring and stressful at times. Partaking in the visual delight of our children is one of parentings greatest pleasures! (I mean, we are genetically wired to find our children cute, and they are wired to BE cute. Otherwise…well, who knows if the human race would have survived!) And B. As someone who is a Professional Parent (I tell my husband he is still a hobbyist) things can get boring, but by making things artistic and creative FOR ME, I’m invigorated at the idea of going to the park AGAIN, the zoo AGAIN. It’s not that I don’t enjoy these things for their own sake, but the fact that I can also do something artistic WHILE being with them keeps me a little sane.  (Same goes for art projects with Cookie.) And obviously, I want to teach my children to be creative, and explore their creativity daily. Both my kids love taking photos, and we bought Cookie a children’s digital camera for Hanukkah. So I guess like all things, its selfish, but also worthwhile.

Anyway… My two cents. As usual. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Cheri says:

    Incredible cuteness!!!!!! Love it!!!

  2. As a Professional Parent myself ;-), I’m all about incorporating my oldest son’s activities into mine. If I’m working on a project I will find a way for him to help. I can’t spend my whole doing things that are scheduled around him. Yes, we have reading time, learning time, etc. but if I don’t do something for myself I will go crazy. Fortunately, I’m able to kill two birds with one stone when we go to the library. I usually set our trips to the library around Storytime. Before or after I will get my books or whatever I need and he enjoys his time as well. This also helps instill a love for books in him (so I hope). He also loves to take pictures. I gave him a quick snap and shoot digital camera we don’t use any more and it’s great watching him focus and try to get that “perfect shot.”

  3. I don’t have kids, but when I do I think that I will encourage them to explore their creativity as often as possible. What better way than with their mother? I think it is a very positive thing. And lets be real, but puppy can smize like no other, I can only imagine what my child will be like!

  4. TWise says:

    I’m a working mom (which i guess makes me a dual professional…), but would love any tips on making the time I am home with my 1-year old daughter fun/artistic/nostalgic (and stave off the boredom – thanks for saying it!).

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      You are totally a dual professional. It’s like a double major! Haha.

      My advice is figure out how to get your kid involved in things you like too. Taking beautiful photos of them really makes it more fun for me. I know so many people love babies, but I love when the kids are a little older and can do more exciting things…
      Things we both like: baking, art projects- we subscribe to Kiwi Crate, its a craft kit for kids and its AWESOME, although your daughter is still a little young for it, playing with real clay instead of play dough, painting… shrinky dinks. The whole family LOVES shrinky dinks!

  5. If I ate all those Oeros. My stomach would hurt. I want oreo ice cream now.

  6. Marielle says:

    the cutest kids in the world…and their pictures are the least you can do for the world!!!! love them!

  7. Agreed! I always agree with you it seems like….Taking the camera with me like you say to that same park for the 4th time that week makes it different somehow…you see things differently through the lens and you notice things you wouldn’t otherwise. And the kids love seeing pictures of themselves….Little A asks me to go through the albums every so often….she loves the baby photos. And giving them a camera this early is Awesome. My daughter has one too….and her drawing skills are way superior than her friends because of all our projects. If she wants me to play with me she sknows I’m all about drawing/painting…Cheers Nicole. Happy 2013!

  8. Adorable pics, Nicole! They capture the wonder of childhood. I love to see how the simple things in life bring great pleasure to my kids. Have a great new year!

  9. grace says:

    he is al love!