Her Best Yet: Kelly Wearstler Pre Fall.

Drinking game alert, every time a blogger says “Kelly Wearstler” we all need to take a shot! Ha, we’d be having our stomachs pumped daily. Anyway, her new lookbook was just released. Pre-Fall 2013. For me, it feels like she’s really hitting her stride with this collection. I’ve felt like her previous collections were a little shy, actually, and were basically groupings of cool 80’s edgy LA clothing, but not these cohesive, stunning looks we are seeing here. Her collection was grounded in the geometries of the Russian Suprematist art movement, and I think the clothes are more elegant than anything she’s put out before. I feel like for the first time, a woman would buy one of these looks in entirety, and also that it could be worn by women of different ages. I also LOVE the styling with the art and sculpture, and the slick hair. “Stunning, stunning,” as my mom would say.

I especially love the pants and skirt with the cut out bottoms. So sleekly sexy.


Images via Style.com

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  1. claudy says:

    ill be buying that skirt. love it

  2. heinous on real bodies. with my giant boobs i’d look matronly in the majority of it.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Disagree! I have normal/big boobs, and I think I could pull off looks 1-3 in their entirety. The cut out pants, and skirt would both look insanely good on you.

  3. That SUIT!!!! gimme gimme gimme.

  4. love the dresses

  5. What am amazing collection! Totally agree, she seems to be getting better as the collections come out – can’t wait to see what’s next.
    Loving those prints!!