Fiber Art.

Ever since Morgan over at The Brick House started collecting, obsessing and blogging about these mid-century fiber art tapestry thingies, I’ve been intrigued. What is it? What is it made with?  Does it smell? And mostly, I wonder if that’s particularly hard to do.

Those top three photos are from Morgan’s house. She has a nice little collection going on, and she’s killing me with all that California light spilling in all over the place.  Anyway, then while perusing the internet, I stumbled upon these: Work by Mimi Jung for sale on her site, Brook & Lyn. The jewelry she makes is also particularly good: simple and striking, just the way I like it. But I cant get these weavings out of my head. As much as I would like to just buy one and hang it on the wall, we all know I cant do that! I have to make it.

This last one has a gigantic slice of bark in it. These are so beyond cool.

I honestly think I can do this. If I can needlepoint a belt, I can weave. I think.

Visit Brook & Lyn HERE.

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  1. ohhhh I’m kind of in love with the look of these! If you can pull it off you must share the secret because they look amazing.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I think we basically just need to buy a loom – remember making those pot holders as a kid? Then alternate different types of yarn, some thickly woven, some thin, and then just let some turn into fringe?

  2. these are so cool! thanks for sharing.

  3. I took weaving in college and absolutely loved it! I’ve been dying to get back into and after seeing these I’m wanting to even more! the textile arts center in NYC is supposed to be great and I’m planning on checking it out soon

  4. thank you for introducing me to my new obsession.

    HOLY HOLY BALL SACKS! i want that top one. can i go and tackle morgan to the ground for it?