Favorite Photographs: Art Basel and the Fairs.

India Song

I’m THE WORST. Wait, we all know that Dana from Homeland is THE actual WORST. But I’m also pretty crappy, skipping blogging days on a weekday like this. Normally I save my blogging for nighttime because, you know, things must be done during daylight hours. But I’m so tired every night that I cant stay awake to blog. Or watch TV, even. It’s ok, I’m sure I’ll catch my breath and be back to my 2 am nights ASAP.

In the meantime, I’ve showed you everything but art coverage from this Basel trip, which I firmly believe has jumped the shark. Not the actual fair, but the weekend and hype surrounding it. Overexposed = Backlash. Which I’m sure will lead to backlash from the backlash in no time.

Anyhoo, there is always the problem of how to organize thousands of photos and art across all genres. By fair? By style? By theme? I almost organized it by “Things I want to buy” and “Black and white paintings” as well as “Art by women,” “Collages,” and of course “But is it ART?” You know what, maybe I should do it like that, instead of  by fair. More fun? More fun = more work though…. OK, so I decided. Doing it by category. Below are my favorite photos across Pulse, Scope, Art Miami and Art Basel. I started with a smaller category believe it or not. Photography is a nightmare to re-photograph because all the pieces are covered with glass! So you have lights reflecting everywhere and my reflection in every photo. Anyway, I think you get the gist of it!

Enjoy! And you can make suggestions of what category you want to see next.

Helmut Newton

Piece Unique Gallery

Joel Sternfeld

John Baldessari

Marie Bovo

Paul Graham

Brian Duffy

Ryan McGinly, Heather, 2012

Hendrik Kerstens

Joel Sternfeld

Sonia Cunliffe


Olivio Barbieri

Andrew Moore

Jörn Vanhöfen

Alex Prager

Nicholas Graspierre

Zhang Huan

Jorge Miño

OK, that was the shortest category, or one of them, and that still took hours. What are your faves?

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  1. So crazy that I hit all the same fairs (except Pulse. Big mistake), and I didn’t catch any of these! It shows you the magnitude of the work shown ,and how each is taken in by the eye of the beholder. I was amazed at how painting heavy the shows were, but wow!, I guess I missed some incredible photography! Love the choices you shared :)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Ha! I didnt see you once! I know it is crazy how MUCH there is to take in and I was zipping through and photography what caught my eye! I think I missed entire portions of fairs because they were so big. Whatever, cant see everything!

      And yes! VERY painting heavy. I could subdivide paintings into 5 different categories if I wanted to.

  2. So glad you go and that you are our eyes. Just wonderful Nicole.
    xo xo