DIY: Suede and Brass Cuff.

Ever since I saw that Celine suede cuff on the runway last year, I’ve been kind of obsessed with it. I said back then that I would DIY it and I’ve only just gotten around to it. I even went to visit the cuff in person at Barney’s a few times, because I was considering buying it, but at around $400 I just couldn’t resist the DIY. To see it is to understand how to make it, its pretty self explanatory, right?


The only thing is that, yes to see it is to understand how to make it, but, it was trial and error until I got the right glue. You could sew it together, or use grommets, but I was lazy and chose glue.  I got this metal ring and suede from M&J Trimming, but they don’t have the ring online. You need less than one yard of suede.

1. Measure the tape around your right and cut it off of your main piece. You are then going to NARROW the suede that is crossing the bracelet vertically.

2. Glue the ends of the suede in place around the ring. Try to get as tight around the ring as you can, and use the blue tape to hold it in place.

3. My suede was really the back of leather, so I double sided it by gluing two leather strips together. You dont have to do that, but it had the added benefit of making the material thick and stiff enough to stay put through the loop.

4. Glue the back of the suede to the middle of the back of the first piece of suede. Cover where you glued the first time.

5. Measure the suede around your arm, thread it through the ring, and cut where it feels appropriate. Leave some extra suede for good measure.

6. You may need a snap or a hook and eye to keep your bracelet in place, mine didn’t.

First my sister Steph modeled it, and then I couldn’t resist either. Mainly because LOOK, I just cut SIX inches off of my hair. Also no more ombre! Panic attacks were plentiful. How veiny are my hands?  And I’m not really supposed to pose with the boxes collecting at the door, am I?

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  1. So clever! Also- love your coat!

  2. OMG so cool! I love this.

  3. i love this!!!

  4. So cool! Can’t believe how similar the DIY is! How could you even begin to justify the full price one?!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  5. Lauren says:

    I want to see the hair!

  6. GinaG says:

    I’m loving that lucite clutch. Can you you tell me where it’s from?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Sure! Its vintage- I bought it in Asbury Park this summer.

  7. Hi!

    My name is Amber and I run the personal style blog My Eyes Are Hungry. I release a monthly DIY video series called HUNT, where I find pieces of clothing I already own and create something new out of them.

    This month, I was looking to do something with my leather fabric when I happened upon your DIY bracelet tutorial on Pinterest. I was happy to find that the tutorial was simple, quick and chic. Thanks so much for providing the instructions!

    Please check out my video editorial and blog containing my remix of your instructions. Would love to hear your feedback on it!

    Hope you enjoy and thanks again for this tutorial!


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