Bathroom Art.

The words “bathroom art” connote some kind of disrespect, like “hotel art” or “elevator music” but I swear I mean no disrespect by the term.  Instead, I really just mean, art that I’ve hung in the bathroom, and for some reason, these pieces really spoke to me in their current location.  The above work is by artist Rina Dweck, who transformed herself every day for an updated Facebook picture every day for a year for  her aptly named Project Face. I bought it at the event opening, and I just knew it was going in my kid’s bathroom. It matched the walls, its playful, but it’s also somehow just ironic and cute in there.

Like the Jimmy Marble banners I posted about a few days ago. I was debating between BE COOL BABY and THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT for my kid’s room. Ultimately, I decided that THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT is a little too earnest in a kids room for me, but that BE COOL BABY is actually funny in there. And I think I’m going to hang it on that crazy wall we scribbled too. See how ideas come out of boredom and manifest into other ideas? Aside from hanging their art and my own, it’s fun to encourage children’s creativity by hanging art in their areas. It doesn’t have to be something super expensive, but whatever you put up by an artist you love will be better than a  piece of “wall art” or “wall decor” from Target or Babies R US.

On to the Master: I never even thought to hang art in these bathrooms because they have marble walls… but then I made this piece last week, and it also spoke to me as a throne room collage. Practically speaking, I never thought of using Command Strips on the tile before, but DUH it’s so obvious. I don’t think this collage is very good, but I do like how it looks over the toilet. The contrast in the piece  works well with the contrasts in the bathroom, I think.  I may replace it, because I am always moving things around, but for now, I like. And I still have one more baño to go.

Bathroom Art? Or Art in the Bathroom?

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I’m seriously loving that first piece. I love the idea of art in the bathroom! Every room deserves a little love.

  2. Cheri says:

    Great idea!! Keeps things interesting!!

  3. In love with the face project piece. It looks like it was made to be hung there. For me art in the bathroom is actually really important….even if its my daughter’s. I lways have something special in each one. And art for kids…ABSOLUTELY! Little Miss A. already has quite a little art collection.

  4. I love the art- such a nice pop of color.

  5. Lauren says:

    I have two of your prints in my bathroom :)