Basel: Favorites in Color.

Kate Petley 

Tom Wesselmann

Carmen Herrera

Jennifer Nehrbass

Florian Thomas

Alex Katz

San Jancito

Kristin Schiele

Agathe de Baillencourt

Keltie Ferris

James Clar

Ettore Spalletti

Robert Swain

Matthias Bitzer

I keep going back and forth in my head on what to write today… discuss what we are all thinking? or ignore it? I wrote three posts today that I didnt publish… nothing feels right.

Since nothing feels normal, and this new normal is a bizarre and strange land, we can always go back to art.

I also went back and forth on so many different ways to present these… Top 5 black and whites, top five abstracts, top five color fields, they are all loaded into wordpress and ready to go. But these are the just some of my favorite pieces, and they happen to all be colorful.  Some of them pieces I loved enough to want to buy. A few I am still considering buying.

Anyway, enjoy. I’m going to medicate myself with the season finale of gossip girl and a heaping ton of Zen Palate.

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