You might be wondering…. Are you there? HI. Are you OK? MOSTLY. Are you hurt? NO. Are you quitting blogging? NO. Well then what in God’s name is preventing you from getting yourself to a computer and producing the nonsense that keeps us entertained, if only mildly?

Well, after last weekend, I got so backlogged on posts and work, then I had one of those weeks consisting of back to back meetings, appointments, holiday parties, school events, preschool tours, engagements, etc etc… Almost none of it work related, but all family/kid related. This was one of those weeks where being a mom was more than a full time job. It’s not always like that… Usually its chunks of time that are profoundly mundane, boring and unrewarding (errands, running a household, chores) interspersed with 3 hour chunks of INTENSE work but also fun- after school every afternoon until bedtime (!!!!!!). The thing is, you can’t spread out the intense period’s work out so that it covers the boring period’s work. It’s not like you can pace yourself. Although I have found that trying to get ANYTHING else done while the kids are there is unfair to all of us. Last night I had a little Hanukkah party at my house… Well, with both kids home on a day off from school, they were literally HANGING OFF my belt loops while I cooked. It was like trying to run a marathon with your legs tied. Motherhood is a painful pleasure, every minute of joy is tinged with a back of the mind panic. The joy itself is painful. It’s hard to explain…. I cant even think about what I was the last to know about yesterday. Unthinkable. Nothing to say. Nothing to think. Blank.

Anyway, what does this have to do with the munchkin above? Nothing! But I just thought I’d explain myself. A few weeks ago, my friend, photographer Shirley Serure asked me to create some headbands for a newborn shoot that she was scheduled to do. The mom wanted a crown, and some other options that were sweet and sophisticated. We put our heads together, and I hit up M&J Trimming and put together these headbands for the shoot. I think my favorite is either the first one, or the pink knitted one with the pearls.

These are pretty simple DIYs. The mom measured the baby’s head, and I used 14″ of trim to create these headbands. Secured with glue gun. (You place the glue under the flower or if there is none, its still fine.) The crown is really easy if you find a stiff enough lace. The top crown is just a natural colored lace that was very stiff. I basically eyeballed a small size so that it would sit on top of the head and not around it, and glued the lace in place. The trim held its form easily. The last photo, the crown, was one that I painted gold. The paint was what I used to keep this lace stiff, although I’ve seen people use fabric stiffener.

Yumminess. Does this make me want to have another baby? Well, almost ;) Ha. Shirley and I keep trying to get together to do a post where she teaches me and us, how to take amazing photos of children. What questions do you guys have about taking photos of children? What kind of things do you want to learn about? I have so many questions about photography in general, so I want to make the post super useful and helpful. Now we HAVE to find the time!

Photos by Shirley Serure Photography. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! These photos are precious. I love them all. Is there anything sweeter than a newborn baby?! No way.
    I would love to know how to take pictures of my kids where they are in focus but everything behind them is out of focus. It seems like brain surgery to me at this point! :-)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thats actually one I can answer! You change the aperture on the camera to the lowest number that you can.(You would have to also adjust shutter speed so that the right amount of light is being let into the camera. Most cameras will let you adjust aperture while letting you keep shutter speed on manual if you are a beginner. But its easy to get the hang of it if you play around for a few minutes.
      Anyway- The higher the f stop number the smaller the hole is that you are letting the light through. The smaller the f stop number, the bigger the hole- which translates into blurry backgrounds.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      We can totally post examples of both when we do the post!

  2. Gabby Fridman says:

    LOVE those gorgeous headbands!! They are so gentle and sophisticated while being completely different from everything I’ve seen in the baby headband market (big, chunky and bright). Any ideas for a first birthday party invitation photo? Have seen a cake smash but was wondering if either you or Shirley have any creative ideas?

  3. Jennifer says:

    These photos are GORGEOUS!!!! I love them. If you are taking photos of a baby who is dressed (even though I love the ones of the little ones naked), is it better to have them wearing white or a color, and is it better to have texture in the outfit or something more plain? Thanks again for sharing these beautiful photos!

  4. Sandra Shakun says:

    Great post!!!! My son will be soon 6 months and I’m having a hard time taking pictures of him. How can I get him to look at me when I’m taking a picture?

  5. What’s the best time of day to photograph a baby?
    Will it get too hectic to have the whole family involved?
    What are the chances of actually getting a great family shot?
    How can I get all my kids to smile at the same time??

  6. Micky Bromberg says:

    These pictures are really beautiful!
    I was wondering if you had any tricks for getting kids to look at the camera for a picture?
    Thank you!!

  7. Sarah says:

    Hi love the photos and the blog, my question for both of u is how do u know which are the best angles to take pictures? Also is there a certain time of day that has the best light? Thanks and keep up the great work.

  8. Sarah Khdideh says:

    Love the pics, they are magnificent.
    What do you suggest is the best way to dress your kids in pictures? In all of my kids portraits they are wearing denim bottoms and white tops and I’m getting sick of it, what other colors photograph well?

  9. Adele Sally says:

    Great pictures, such a huge fan. So here goes my questions……
    How do you avoid harsh shadows or squinting ?
    And of course red eye?

  10. G Friend says:

    I also have so many photography questions! What do you think is best… for children to be photographed in bright colored clothes or light colored clothes? Does the background color being white or black matter?

  11. Hi Guys! Nicole great post as always and thank you everyone for all your comments and questions. We are planning on collaborating on a fun & informative blog posting as soon as we can coordinate schedules. Looking forward and looking forward to touching on all the questions raised. Thanks!- Shirley Serure