Art Humor.

I have Art Basel sickness, in which, I cant go outside without wearing at least one thing that I’ve made myself. Remember when I made the Iron on T-shirts and I had dreams about wearing the photo of my own legs with the floral pants? Where else would my T-shirt be funny in the world, if not here? It was a huge hit last night…. people actually laughed out loud and at least smiled at it when they realized it was my legs in those pants! The best thing about wearing stuff you’ve made, and the best thing about Art Basel above all, is meeting and chatting with other artists and makers and weirdos. You can always gallery hop in NYC and see the work, but meeting the people behind it and the spirit of interactive art, and seeing canvases being carried through the streets, that’s awesome. That is fun and exciting and there is a spirit of newness and fun and happiness at all of the satellite fairs. Plus, at the satellite fairs, as opposed to actual Basel, there is the potential for mere mortals to actually buy something.You can totally find pieces from emerging artists prices below $3K and while thats still a lot, its not $3 million. The actual Art Basel fair is like what would happen if the MoMa and the Javits Center had a baby.

The worst part of Basel, BY FAR – and I’m experiencing it a lot more this year because I’m staying at The W, where it’s present in abundance- last year I stayed below 8th street- is the OTHER vibe.  Generally, I just feel like this is kind of like the Coachella of art fairs. Just a trendy thing to do right now, and attracting a major scene. I don’t know how to word this so that I don’t sound mean, but instead of being fun, the scene can sway into a private party, who’s who, let’s all impress each other, name dropping, label wearing, celebrity loving, New York and LA come to Miami vomit fest. OK, vomit fest was mean, wasn’t it? I probably fall into that category too, it’s not like I was coming to Art Basel for the past ten years and can be like “Oh MY, its gotten so crowded, and it used to be SO much better….” But generally, my idea of fun is listening to rock and roll at a dive bar, not bottle service. There is one person that I met that annoys me so MUCH that I have a physical reaction to her presence. Holy shit, shivers down my spine. Maybe internally I know I could never compete in that world, and so I intrinsically hate it? I know I know, I’m the other kind of art-douche right now. The kind that complains about things other people would love to do. The kind that wears a t-shirt with their own legs on it and cant stop showing off my shit. That’s life.

On the flip side, I walked the Scope fair yesterday, and The Design District, and it was freaking exhilarating. Laughing, talking, sharing, comparing, and just seeing the work and souls of other human beings on planet Earth- Amazing. Absolutely exhilarating. And if it attracts a scene, maybe that’s a good thing? It’s not like I want the world to go back to the days of “My kid could have made that!” Right?

However, I do feel like there is an over-saturation of Basel coverage happening. Like, I’ve seen a lot of instagram comments saying- “If I see another picture from Miami, I’m going to scream” and that’s kind of how I feel during fashion week/month… so I’m asking, do you want my coverage? Or is it BO-RING?

And last, I must confess to my first bit of blogging inauthenticity and tell you that I photoshopped my thighs.

The End.

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  1. Love the coverage- keep it coming! Especially anything featuring the real heart of miami basel- the art! The more people promote it, the better chance of keep the focus in the right direction. (aka – no pictures of bottle service please)

  2. I’m laughing that you admitted to photoshopping your thighs. Outstanding, even though I don’t think that was necessary, you look great!

  3. Marielle says:

    hahaha very creative! and love the honesty…ez n i are gona check it out tom…

  4. ;-)

  5. Coming clean about using magic on your thighs…..well…doesn’t that just make us love you more…..there always needs to be a human element in every post…..

  6. Love how you say it! No bs

  7. Love the pants and want YOUR coverage!

  8. Love that you’re saying what I think so many people are thinking about Basel. I *could* have gone this year, being in Florida at the time visiting family. But chose not to. I’ve never been, but despite the insane amount of crazy good art, I know that the crowds and who’s whoing of it all would be tough to take.

    So for now, I’ll let all my friends, colleagues, & fellow bloggers who are there take it all in and I’ll live vicariously through you. ;-) Have fun and bring on the coverage!

  9. Lawny says:

    If I knew how to use Photoshop I’d edit everything! Good for you! Ha. Your coverage is great and your point of view is refreshing and appreciated.

  10. Lauren says:

    I think you were spot on regarding the “other vibe” of Basel. I’ve seen and heard the most random people bragging about going to Basel this year who have never shown an interest in it or art before. If you’re between the ages of 18-21 then I can maybe understand the need to be seen & feel cool at events like these. I guess as an adult I have no desire to be “cool” or go to hottest new club, restaurant, etc. You are far from being mean. You’re just being honest.

    You are, however, crazy for photo shopping already tiny legs!

  11. I didn’t go this year, thanks for sharing love the pics!! would love to meet you ! next time you come.I live in Weston Fl. ahhh and love your flowery pants totally eighties!
    Your blog makes me smile !!
    thank you Nicole!

  12. claudy says:

    i think you thighs look damn good