Weekend Cocktails: Fruit Cubes.

Holy cow, it’s finally the weekend. Didnt this week take FOREVER?  Mine was so packed, that bad me, I didn’t even get to blog yesterday. I even had a post waiting to go, but I couldn’t get to my computer to post it. Short weeks lead to really annoying long weeks, don’t they? Anyway, no this is not turning into a food blog, but I did make ice cubes infused with fruit this week…. we have this ice tray that makes 2″ ice cubes (HERE), better for scotch because with less surface area it doesn’t melt as fast. Cookie and I used the tray to suspend various fruits in the cubes. (Dont worry: I didn’t tell her it was for alcoholic beverages, and she thought it was fun!) You usually see this kind of thing during summer for lemonades and stuff, but I’m going to argue that this could be a year round pleasure! I used what I had in the house and made one two with grapes, one with lemon, lemon rind and red pepper, one with grapefruit + rind and one with strawberries.

So pretty, right? The grapefruit is for vodka, the strawberries for gin, the grapes for Prosecco, and the lemon/red pepper for tequila.

I’m no mixologist, but these are all going to be yum once its dark out and I can start the weekend. I just like that it probably wont affect the taste too much, but it just adds that little extra touch to a drink, especially for company. I was even thinking this could be awesome in a bloody mary with red pepper and olives in the cube. As the cube melts, the pepper would dissolve into the drink to bring back the spiciness!

Happy Friday Folks!


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  1. Cheri says:

    Love it!!!

  2. Rachael says:

    Nice plan to pair the fruit with the booze! Next time if you use distilled water they will come out clear like glass!

  3. Love this, so cute cant wait to try it