Vintage Sofas.

It’s no secret that 1st Dibs represents some pretty amazing dealers, who sell  what’s probably the worlds most awesome collection of vintage furniture. But  I think I, and a lot of people, have this idea that anything on 1st Dibs is prohibitively expensive. And at first glance it would seem so. Yes there ARE chairs selling for a cool 20K and sofas selling for 40. There are. But since I’ve been looking around for a new couch, and some new ideas, I literally looked through 16 pages of midcentury sofas and found that if you look, you can find amazing things that are not really that much more (or even less) than your average big box store furniture from Restoration Hardware or Crate and Barrel.

So I put em together for you. My favorite cheap-ish sofas on 1st Dibs. No, these arent the practically free kind of cheap, but they are not INSANE. There were tons of cool midcentury leather sofas selling for about $2-3K, but these were the ones I personally found interesting and liked the best. And when spending your money, shouldn’t you buy something fun and original in the form of vintage instead of boring and square? I think so.

Clockwise from Blue Leather:

Blue Leather Sofa with Brass Plinth Base, $1495

Pink 1970’s Custom sofa made by Thomas De Angelis $3800

Sleek Italian 70’s Brown Leather Sette – $2000

White and Brass Milo Baughman Sofa, $4600

Brown Velvet Leon Rosen for Pace, $4000

Antique GEORGE NELSON sofa , 1956 $3500

Brown Leather Maralunga Loveseat by Vico Magistretti for Cassina $2400

De Sede black leather sofa, $6000

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  1. Love all of them- wondering if that blue number would be too much in my nursery- sort of adore it.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I think its amazing, and so well priced. You should buy it. With the dotty wallpaper, its going to be AWESOME.

  2. Great finds…not a pink person but kind of love that 1970’s one…the white + brass is also amazing.

  3. i have that blue one in an email on it’s way to jamie meares for a post she’s doing. it’s mine. when i can gather up the 1500.

  4. Lawny says:

    Im in love with the blue & black ones.

    Great choices!