The Wonderful World of Jimmy Marble.

I found Jimmy Marble via Instagram ?!? and have been loving his photos and really ENJOYING his feed for months now. 2012. Whew. What a world.

We all talk about the negative impacts of technology and how instagram is killing the actual enjoyment of life, etc… but look how I was able to find and connect with an artist who lives 3,000 miles away in LA? I find that while instagram is fun for seeing what your friends are up to, the best parts are seeing what photographers, artists and just generally cool people around the world see. Like, seeing that its summer in Australia every day, that’s interesting to me. Even though I know its summer, I just like seeing it for myself via people’s feeds. And that it’s snowing in Canada. I know its snowing there, but seeing talented folks show me that  it’s snowing is just really, really exciting to me.

Anyway, Jimmy Marble is an artist, photographer and videographer living in LA. And his work is steeped in an unadulterated optimism. Did any of you read the piece in the NY Times about Hipsters and their irony and lack of integrity? Well, I think that while Jimmy is definitely hipster-esque in appearance, his work, to me, is so genuinely optimistic that it’s engaging on a whole other level.

These are his Banners.  According to an videoed interview over at Design Love Fest, Jimmy was always interested in posters and poster making, but because he had no photoshop skills, he felt like he couldn’t make very good posters in 2012. One day he was making these signs by cutting words out of canvas and backing them with fabric for a storefront, and viola, his very popular Banner series was born!

I’ve spoken about how I’m usually not so into art that speaks- as a loose rule. Why? I don’t know,maybe none that I’ve ever seen have spoken to me before, but I just LOVE these so much, that I bought one. They are just the perfect amount of cool, sophisticated, laid back, optimistic, and pretty. Basically, it’s because every time I see one of these I smile. So of course I need to own one!   I also love the way Jimmy shot these photos! I would hang one of these prints up as well!

Which brings me to more of his work…. His videos, PSA’s, music videos, and short films, are all like an 80s music video mixed with some Yo Gabba Gabba craziness, meets happiness PSA mixed with a whole lotta cool. Here are some stills and photos I grabbed off his blog:

And so there you have it… The wonderful world of Jimmy Marble. (That’s him with the Oreos above.) Can you guess which print I bought? You can and SHOULD check out Jimmy’s work HERE and you can buy his banners HERE. 

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  1. which one did you get?? I could not figure it out

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I didnt give a hint, lol. I got Be Cool Baby and Im putting it in my kids room!

  2. So fun! I love finding new things like this. Can’t wait to follow along and see what else you have in store!

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment