The more things change the more they stay the same: Childhood bedroom edition.

What are you looking at?!?! Well, my childhood bedroom, thats what. And although it looks like this photo could be from the year 1985, I took it 2 weeks ago. It’s been EXACTLY the same for the last 23 years. We moved in when I was 6. That’s 1989.  My mother and grandmother designed it. And while little things have changed, it’s largely untouched. So let me just say, that when I was a kid, I would say between 6-12/13, I LOVED this room. I was the coolest kid on the block. Then my sister moved into the bed next to me. (You cant see it but its laid into the steps just to the right of the photo.) I got a little older, I became a little bit rock and roll (or at least a 9th grader’s version of rock and roll.) I wanted to hang band posters and my art. The windows only had half shades on them – from the bottom down- and the boys across the street used to spy on me from their third floor window. The room is in the front of the house and got freezing at night. (I always wanted a big puffy white duvet but I got thin pretty little blankets instead.) I had no desk, so I used to sit on those steps doing my homework. These were the days before laptops, so I had to go use my brothers desk top at his desk anytime I needed a computer. Also, as you can probably tell I am just not the pink and pastel type of girl. My bedroom now is BLACK! But over time, well… its grown on me, again. It’s charming, in that it’s so intense!

(My old stereo and a collection of creepy as ever porcelain dolls. I loved these as a kid.)

I’ve actually been sitting on this post, because I’m worried you guys are going to be so mean about it and my mom will feel bad. But she shouldnt.I might be a child of the 80’s, but my mom came of age in the 80s (she had me at 20) and there is something supremely awesome about that. Whatever we think about the aesthetics of the time, we cannot deny that it sure looked fun!

(The original alarm clock that woke me up for school.)

There is something so fascinating to me about seeing spaces that are complete time capsules. It takes a certain kind of balls to NOT CHANGE ANYTHING about a room or space in over 20 years. Its confidence, really. I mean, I did my apartment 4 years ago and I already want to change things. My mom has changed every other room in the house (except the kitchen, which with its white glossy formica and brass kick-plates and handles, mirrored backsplash is RIGHT back in style.) and this room still kind of holds up for me. It’s much, sure, but its also just still so 80’s its awesome.

(These doors are still as fabulous as ever.)

I kind of love it, now. And I wanted to share it because doesnt it kind of show you a little more about how my aesthetic was shaped? Is there anything more personal than my childhood bedroom? Between my grandmother and my mother, you are getting a clearer picture of how things around me looked while I was growing up.

(My hatred of beach photo shoots and family portraits probably stems from this shot during my awkward stage.)

I actually think if I just re-accessorized it a bit I could probably make this into a room I would love for Cookie. Removal of tchotckes and changing the bedding to something less pink? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

What do you think? Who else has a time capsule of a room they would like to share? If I had a magazine, I would print throw back spaces in every issue.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! How could anyone be mean about this room?! Those doors as so chic! My childhood room was pretty bare bones. I had a bed in a bag from Sears with the matching curtains. ha My mother was never really a big decorator. THIS would have been my childhood 80s dream room!

  2. That is awesome. I would have killed for that room when I was little. The steps especially! My best friend lives in her childhood home and they have a bar that has been untouched since the 70s. Burgundy, mustard, navy, gold and black Octagon wallpaper. She has vowed never to change it. We partied there and our parents partied there (probably harder than we did) so it’s fun to feel that connection. I’ll have to get some pics and post them. Thanks for sharing! Very cool!

  3. This is pretty much my dream bedroom (well, when I was 8). Oh, how I coveted a bed on a “stage”! Mine was pink and white, by the way, with frilly curtains and so forth. I think it’s totally awesome that it stayed this way (mine was demolished in a reno) and I can definitely see the wallpaper making a comeback!

  4. jody says:

    thanks for sharing…i was a teenager of the 80’s and can see why you would of been the envy or your friends with those stairs to your bed! Amazing that your mum hasn’t touched it…def think be good to tweak it, bring a bit of kelly wearstler style to it she does modern 8o’s look so well…keep us informed if you do get the chance to update!!!

  5. bed sunk into a raised platform = cool, especially in a kids room. no wonder you htought you were the coolest kid on the block.

  6. Cheri says:

    How funny!!!! To me its no big deal that it hasnt been changed in 25 yrs!!! I guess im still in the 80’smyself on some level!!!! One day ill let u do the redo for me!!!!

  7. This room rocks! I thought And I was a baller with my canopy bed…good thing we weren’t friends back then. Your room totally would have made me cry. :)

  8. I love it!! It is awesome! and I bet it is going to get pinned like crazy and you are going to get copycats. I had the same problem wanting a duvet but just had thin coverlets…..but now its the only way I like my bed. We pull the duvet out when it gets cold…cause nothing makes a beautiful bed like a coverlet and beautiful linens. I wish I had photos of my bed room……it was amazing….fabric in the walls and bed and night table with the same fabric!! I need to ask my mom whose fabric it was….It would be all the rage now with all these flower patterns surfacing.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I make my room freezing all year long just so I can have a duvet. WILL NOT sleep with coverlets!

  9. Nicole says:

    I’m struck by what great condition everything is still in — especially the carpet. Clearly your mom didn’t let you eat in your room!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      She’s OCD neat. So when I spilled coffee or soda or the dog peed on it, she would scrub until it disappeared. Its not so perfect in person. She’s neat but I was a mess!

  10. This is so funny–I just posted about updating my childhood bedroom last week. It used to have a similar color scheme to yours, with custom upholstery and bedding in pale green and peach watercolor abstract print. Check it out here:

  11. Lauren says:

    Those steps are the coolest and I would have loved them when I was younger. Be thankful your mom didn’t let you hang anything up. My walls were covered with posters (Backstreet Boys lol) so much so that you couldn’t even see the paint. Just a tad embarrassing to look back on.

  12. I think this room is awesome! Those steps totally rock and they way they floated the bed into the frame at the top of the steps is totally cool! Go Mama! I love the fact that it hasn’t changed in 20 yrs. I wish I could walk back into my room from my childhood. I can still visualize it but I wonder how different it woudl be from what I remember…

  13. um this is freaking me out. it is EXACTLY like my aunt’s bedroom in my grandparent’s old house in long island – i mean EXACTLY like it, down to the tassels on the doorknobs and the steps leading up to the bed and the creepola dolls and the peach/pink suede pillows. this is unreal!!!!

  14. Jo_Ro says:

    Um, it’s awesome. I’m sure you had the coolest room in the neighborhood.

    That stepped bed is FAB.

  15. So cute!! My childhood bedroom has been exactly the same since I was about 6! Yours is adorbs!! And so 80s!