Sunday Arting.

It went from glorious to freezing over the course of the weekend, so my kids and I needed to think of some indoor activities that don’t involve watching endless hours of TV. I dont really paint in my apartment anymore (paint + two kids + nice stuff + not so much space = bad news) but we do other crafts an activities daily… Like this wall in their room. The wall needed repainting anyway, so I gave them the crayons and said HAVE AT IT! Now the big questions is…. will I leave it like this? Answer: Maybe. It’s a work in progress, so lets see what the kids come up with as time goes on. Will I live to regret this when JoJo decides to color OTHER walls? Maybe. We shall see.

We also played with collaging. I’ve been dying to take this collaging class at The Oracle Club for months… but I’ve never been able to make it. So I tried it myself, with Jojo as my glue master. Collaging is hard. It took me a long time to let go of the original images and try to see them as forms and colors. I couldn’t visualize an idea for while… then I decided on this art world landscape. As you can see, I was still really attached to the ideas in the original photos. I dont know anything about collaging, but Im guessing this is wrong?

Whatever, it was fun! This blog is about exploring creativity in all different ways…. and a cold Sunday at home made for an interesting trip!

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  1. you a good mommy.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Well, thanks. But for every fun activity we do, you also have to factor in the time I spend ignoring them to write this blog!

  2. Love the coloring on the walls- my vote is to keep it!

  3. I remember taking a painting class when I was 17 where we were given some unrelated objects–a little figurine, a piece of fabric–and told to make an abstract painting. No matter what, I HAD to create a context/story, I could not accept an abstract–felt too random to me. I guess even when a technique calls for pushing ourselves, we can’t get away from who we are, right?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I guess I have the opposite problem! I couldnt think of a story for a while, and I really didn’t want to do an abstract. So I couldnt let go of the photos original content, and I also couldnt picture something new! It was harder than I ever thought it would be! So yes, you are right!

  4. You should TOTALLY leave the wall. Awesome!