Style Stalking.

It’s fall, no, no, no, it’s winter. NO, wait. Its spring? Ok now its back to fall. The other day, on one of the spring like days, I saw this lady  walking down the street looking all cool. Have I mentioned how hard it is to find cool looking people to photograph, even when you are looking for them? Especially uptown. I told you guys my breakdown of the population style-wise? 40 % looks like they rolled into the first clothing they found on the floor that morning. Stained, wrinkled, ill fitting, old, mismatched, whatever.  57% of the population looks JUST FINE. They take pride in their appearance, they look well put together, their clothes seem to be taken care of, even if they are not the most expensive or trendiest. They look like they care about putting on a good face, and know the importance of first impressions, but it’s not like its something they worry about, or think about. They just live, and have a normal interest in looking good.

And then there is the 3% that are actually doing or wearing something you might want to take a picture of. This is different from just looking good, because many people look good enough for every day life, but are just not interesting enough to be the subject of a photo. What makes a person look interesting? Well, Leandra posed a question on her blog: What is Style, capital S. I said its surprise + attitude (which is actually what many philosophers believe to be the key to laughter and a good jokes). I’ve only realized all this since actively looking to take pictures of people, but its the element of the unexpected, plus the I’m cool attitude that makes someone look a little extra awesome. I’ve seen people in just outlandish blogger clothes: floppy hat, high heels, tights under shorts, red lipstick, walking around during the day like little Rachel Zoes, and if they don’t have the attitude to carry it, it couldn’t look more ridiculous. Somehow the clothes have to match who you really are to work. (Like, I’m a generally cool chick, but since I’m not a boho princess, I’d look ridiculous in the floppy hat. Or maybe I just THINK I would look stupid and that is what makes me actually look stupid? Self fulfilling prophecy?) Its like the public somehow can see through people who are just dressed up in costumes. Part 2 of looking like a walking photograph: You may not be wearing anything earth shatteringly interesting, but the tailoring of the clothes is impeccable and everything looks very expensive. I see this on men a lot, and its a wow moment whenever I do. A well dressed man = a man whose clothes fit right. That’s all.

After you see someone stylish, you then have to have the courage to walk up to them. That’s hard too.

And the mustard 80’s blazer is chic, isnt it?


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  1. Love this look! I’m having flashbacks of Queen Latifah on In Living Color :)