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I’ve written about my friend Jamie Herzlinger’s work many times. We met almost 2 years ago. She was a fan of my blog and she, Erica of Design Blahg and I all went out to dinner, and became friends. At that very first dinner, Jamie told me about a plan she had to bring high end interior design to the internet, in the form of Jamie Shop. Two years later, and Jamie Shop, is a reality. As Jamie envisioned it and laid it out for us at that first dinner (I was still 8 months pregnant) Jamie Shop is an online source for trade only furniture, without the commitment of a decorator. Clients of the shop are considered clients of Jamie’s world wide network of design connections, and she  and her team provide design guidance from quote to white glove delivery. This is commitment free design, without hourly fees or contracts, and at prices well below retail. And while it’s not right for every project- some homes and clients do need full scale design services- many people who want to be actively engaged in their home’s design, or don’t have the budget for a high end design all at once, will be able to source the most high end goods while under Jamie’s watchful eye.

After that first dinner Jamie and I became fast friends. She used one of my paintings in a show house, and in turn I’ve written about her many projects over the years. We get together for dinners and lunches whenever she is in town (She splits her time between NY and Arizona.) The first post I ever wrote about Jamie’s brand of minimal, elegant luxury, HERE was met with a strange response: tons of comments, sure, but also a huge number of actual PHONE CALLS about it. Normally, phone calls about posts are nil. Her room was my favorite room in the entire Kips Bay Show house one year, HERE. And she even offered to give me a bed for Cookie after another (alas I had no place to put it).

You may have noticed that Jamie has been sponsoring many design blogs over the past few weeks, but Jamie has ALWAYS been very supportive of the blogging community, and honestly, it makes me really happy to see that when a designer – who we all happily write about for free- can benefit from online marketing, that she turns to the design bloggers who have been supportive of her all of these years and sponsors their blogs.

Anyway, congrats to Jamie for realizing this project!

Her work varies with the specific projects and locations, obviously, but its always grounded in simplicity, classicism, and  quiet luxury.

Since I’ve written about her so many times, I specifically requested she send me photos we haven’t seen before on this blog, and I really love every photo posted here. So quiet. So calm.

Please check out Jamie Shop HERE for access to high end design at below retail prices. If you use the promo code SKETCH42 you can receive up to $500 in free shipping! (restrictions apply).

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  1. I love her too!
    xo xo

  2. Thank you, I am flattered, are all huge under statements! I am grateful to ou and all the blogging community whose has shown amazing support! So exciting to have a service that anyone and everyone can access!
    Many hugs!.jamie

  3. Lauren says:

    Love the vanity.

  4. Marlene B says:

    My heart leaped when I saw those huge grapes. I’ve been envisioning something similar to those retro resin grapes everyone had on their coffee tables in the 70’s, but on a larger scale. I think I need to inquire about purchasing these!! Great post Nicole, awesome work Jamie!

  5. What a wonderful story and great idea. Congrats to jamie!

  6. MMish says:


  7. MMish says:

    Just signed up. Seriously best idea EVER