SANDY: A Tale of Two Cities.

My husband still doesn’t have power at work, so we took our bikes downtown to see what was going on. If I could sum up uptown vs downtown in 2 pictures this would be it:


Hundreds of people wait on line for a bus on East 57th, while a crane dangles in the background.


People wait by fire hydrants to get water.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Uptown the city is packed, it feels almost like Christmas or a parade day because there are so many men women and children walking the streets. There are also the downtown backpackers that have come uptown to get charged, a shower, some coffee and food.

Here are some other photos I took along the way.


Lines for buses, lines for food, lines for dinner. People. People. People.



Silence, 3 cops to a corner, small business owners and restaurants open with no lights. Candlelit bars, pumps and many people with backpacks on bikes. 

Last Night:

Empty supermarkets, downtown nomads, looking down 5th avenue into a black hole, the east side bridges with only the Brooklyn half lit up. Driving on the FDR into nothingness.


Also, if you want to see the most insane collection of NYC underwater photos ever, GO HERE. 



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  1. MMish says:

    This is really incredible to see, thank you for sharing. I havent been able to make my way downtown yet. I really cant believe how lucky we are and how the city has been divided into two extremely opposite realities. It feels wrong even getting starbucks.


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