The new Lonny dropped over the weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out this was their neutral issue. I mean, I dont think they called it that, but I’m calling it that. Go neutrals GO! (Do you think I like neutrals so much because of what my childhood bedroom looked like?) Constructing rooms without any color requires you amp up the natural elements like wood, leather, and of course the general texture. DUH. But it can still get boring. I liked all of these spaces because they arent boring at all, all look cozy and welcoming and not like modern mausoleums.

While these are culled from different homes, they all look like they could be one house… and 2 Hermes throws in one issue? I mean, its fabulous yes. But still?!? All are a testament to the power of white walls, as well as layering your whites and ivories. Necessary too. I’m stock piling these ideas for later use. I love that four poster bed. Looks clean without looking hospital-like.


All photos via Lonny.

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  1. I love my neutrals- so I am thrilled to see the new Lonny is full of them. I love that last living room!

  2. Hey….The best was the bedroom with that gorgeous Fur throw on the bed- need one of those for my next apt. – soon!