Man of the World.

Welcome to my new favorite thing in the world.  Man of the World. What is it and why is it the best thing ever? Well, a few months ago I bumped into what one would call a friend of the family, and he told me about his latest project. I was skeptical. Who starts an in print magazine in 2012? Well. Issue No 1. just arrived at my place, and OH HOLY AWESOME is it amazing. This is making it sound like said friend of family put me up to this post. Not at all. We barely know each other.

Man of the World is a men’s luxury magazine. You guys know I’ve always leaned toward the masculine aesthetic, but I swear to you, I enjoyed this more than I enjoy VOGUE! It’s more of an art book than a magazine, each photo is elegant and masterful. Some of which I want to hang on my walls. The magazine is grounded in Vintage Americana, its features focus on luxury: travel, furniture, vintage cars and watches, fashion spreads, and my favorite: gorgeous profiles of various men of the world. These men aren’t your typical male models, they are men who make  and do things: craftsmen, creators, painters, photographers, furniture makers, cyclists, boxers. In addition to editorial content, the website contains a store of vintage and curated art, furniture, pens, cars and watches for sale. The magazine is an extension of founder Alan Maleh’s personal style, and originally started as a luxury catalog for men. But once Alan started the process of creating it, he felt it was a little flat, and decided to create Man of the World. The magazine is really a guide to fashionable living for men with certain tastes. The type of men that prefer things that are special, handmade and artisanal. It’s almost like a throw back to a different time, when men wore custom suits and pocket squares, carried hand made pens, and drink-making was an art form. I think Man of the World is coming to life at the perfect time. People have discovered a resurfaced love of quality and considered pieces. Bars where bartenders cut their own ice are all the rage in Manhattan, and a custom Mission Bicycle has been on my husbands wish list for a while. I think its a reaction, like DIY and the artisanal and local food movement, to fifty years of plastic and manufacturing, to making things in China, and to technology. There isn’t a tech or gadget or app piece in the entire book! And I love it. I’ll leave you now with some photos I shot of the magazine (I even took the photos on my tobacco leaf table for effect), as well as shots from the site, interspersed with some of Alan’s own words via a Q&A on his site. This magazine is what I would make if I could turn my blog into a book…but obviously different. A blog is like a very low budget version of something like this, but like Alan, I only put my name on things I truly love.  What a dream to be able to make something like this. Congrats to all involved.


In today’s marketplace, you rarely find content that caters specifically to men who value style, travel, food, art, and culture. Man of the World is tightly focused on that group; it doesn’t try to be all things to all people. It’s for a sophisticated male niche audience, and it’s somewhere they can go for consistent, compelling, informative content. While it has global appeal, it’s edited from an American point of view.


It’s a handbook for the modern man, but its DNA is definitely inspired by American vintage. When I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn, I really appreciated the great Hollywood icons of the 1960s and ’70s, guys like Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Al Pacino. I wanted to emulate their effortless style and admired their sense of confidence. I think their style is just as relevant today, if not more so.


Yes, I saw a vintage watch as a way to own some-thing unique, something to distinguish myself from other guys. Later, when I worked in my family’s jewelry store, I introduced vintage watches to the mix. My passion for classic cars came later, after I’d founded a children’s clothing company whose success has allowed me to indulge in the things I love: clothing, shoes, art, travel, vintage watches and furniture—and now vintage automobiles.

A conversation one day with my eldest son sparked an idea. I was telling him: “Do what you’re passionate about and success will follow,” and he asked, “Dad, do you love what you do?” Well, my children’s clothing company is running smoothly, and I’ve recently ventured into adult clothing with the heritage workwear brand, H.W. Carter & Sons, which is exciting. But the business no longer gives me the stimulating challenges it once did. So I decided to create a carefully curated catalog and website where I could showcase, share, and sell some of the vintage collectibles that I’m obsessed with.

When Man of the World was taking shape, I happened to meet John Moore on the beach in Venice, California, He’s the thirty-something visionary behind Pencil on Paper Studio, one of today’s most innovative marketing , branding and design firms. Along with his effortless personal style, what struck me about this affable guy was the fluid way he has integrated his business, his family, and his passion for surfing. We profile John Moore in this inaugural issue because he exemplifies our idea of an authentic man of the world as someone who lives a rich, full life on his own terms. Think of Man of the World as a quarterly handbook for discerning gentlemen like Moore: sophisticated consumers, dressers, gourmets, travelers, and culture aficionados who want an uncluttered global guide to carefully curated menswear, shops, destinations, and art of the highest caliber. We are that resource.


When I put together the catalog, I was not satisfied with the outcome. I felt that simply putting together a catalog ignored heritage and craft, which was what drew me to vintage finds in the first place. I realized that I could make Man of the World into something more compelling. The result is this visually driven quarterly magazine, which is an authentic reflection of my taste and experiences, and presents them in a beautifully designed and useful form, laced with just the right amount of eccentricity and whimsy. Creating it has allowed me to respond to my son, “Yes, I’m doing what I love.” I hope that passion shows on every page.


Founder Alan Maleh

Man of the World is perfect spot to shop for holiday gifts for the man in your life! (Or woman, I’d take anything! I even suggested to Alan this morning that he make a gift guide of what these men should buy their women!) If many of these things are out of your price range (Vintage Mercedes $38K anyone!?) might I suggest the magazine subscription? (A one year subscription is $64.) I know I loved it. Visit HERE. Subscribe HERE.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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  1. What a great post…I love a man with great style yet masculine. I may just subscribe! Thanks for sharing.

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  2. MMish says:

    At first I thought oh another magazine for men. But this is so much more. So elegant and inspiring, unlike anything out there. He did an impeccable job.

  3. Dang! $64… you still lot e it? My guy is tres stylish and hard to shop for, good find!