Le Vote.

Are you voting today? I normally dont touch on politics on this blog because I generally have a very limited understanding of it, and prefer to talk about things where I can actually fake knowledge. But here’s what: I’m not undecided and I am going to vote, but I do think the country should do away with both parties and start over. I feel like no matter who I vote for, I’m voting against my own best interests somehow. How can I vote for someone who doesn’t believe in the basic human rights I believe in? But then again, how can I vote for someone I feel to be incompetent? I feel like both candidates pander to their core voters: who are hanging way more left and more right than I hang. I feel like candidates and parties are so marginalized that everyone has become a one issue voter. And people just have to choose the one thing that matters MOST to them.  And after watching all of those debates, I thought: omg high school debate team.

And furthermore, I live in New York, where my vote is essentially useless because of the electoral college. I know, I know, its supposed to be somehow important, but to me it just lowers the incentive to even bother for people who don’t live in swing states.

So yea, you can all tell me I’m a moron now.

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  1. I feel the exact same way. I live in a state that is not a swing state either and I find myself completely unmotivated to vote, knowing that my vote doesn’t count.

  2. I totally agree about eliminating parties- sometimes it’s tempting to just vote for the random Green Party or Libertarian if you like neither the Democrat nor the Republican Candidate. If you’re undecided and you live in a swing state, sometimes it seems better to vote against the “opposing” party just so the other one doesn’t have as big a landslide victory. Either way, it’s sad when you can’t really be excited about any candidate…

  3. I think there should be more than 2 parties….I voted last week. Gosh, I’m so nervous to see what happens

  4. this is a wonderfully stated post. please know you have options outside of the two-party system and that your vote is very valuable to such candidates. i’m a lifelong democrat who supported obama in our last election yet who cannot support him again due to many reasons including the signing of NDAA and the start of more wars. regardless of why i opted away from obama, i was happy to jump on board with gary johnson, a libertarian. if he, as a third party candidate, receives at least 5% of the vote, it breaks the mold of the two-party system and allows libertarian candidates to receive equal ballot access and federal funding.

    being a democrat in california, i too never felt i had to vote (even though i did!). the state was always going to go blue. but now, my contribution to the 5% makes a huge difference. to me, a vote for a third party candidate is the only way to get us out of the two-party tug-of-war and i’m proud to be a step in that direction today.

    don’t want to tell you who to vote for by any means, but just that there are options outside of obama and romney. casting those votes will not get one of those candidates in this year, but can make a long-term impact with future funding and ballot access.

  5. wow i totally agree. well said girl.

  6. Sabrina says:

    I didn’t in the last election (also NY, so pointless) and so many people chewed me out for it. Once we get rid of the electoral college or I use my parents’ address in Florida to commit voter fraud, then I’ll care about voting.

  7. Caroline says:

    Agreed. I live in a state where my vote does not “matter.” I still always vote but that is because there are usually local politicians or issues on the ballot that I feel make it worth the effort of going to my voting location and waiting in line. Watching election coverage last night I was interested to hear that Maine and Nebraska can split their electoral votes. It is not winner takes all in those states. Maybe other states should follow suit? Not sure if other states doing this would make a difference.
    Part of me, this election at least, felt like only Ohio mattered. Now that all of this is behind us this morning (although, I’m still avoiding Facebook today) we can stop fixating on the Buckeye state for another four years.
    I hope both sides can come together and help move this country forward in every way.