It’s 2012, what’d you expect?

This is what it looks like. I took this photo randomly on the street the other day with my iPhone, I just had to repost it here.

I really, really like it. I love what this couple is wearing, their crossed legs towards each other and body language, her short hair, the lights behind them, SALE, the sidewalk. And of course the bent heads over iPhones. Life in 2012, this is it. For good or bad, this is pretty much what we all did this year. Only most of us dont look like a postcard from any decade in the past 70 years while doing it. Maybe they are friends who secretly like each other but didn’t tell each other yet? It was sunday afternoon, so that means its either friendship, or a newish but turning serious relationship? I didnt get – old married couple/been together forever from them… I mean they were staring at their phones, but still. What’s your guess?

I like it in black and white too, but then, the color of those tights does something for me. So I cant decide.



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  1. littlebadwolf says:

    about 40 years ago that little thing would have been a contact lens case. winds get pretty stiff on corners of lower park avenue(?).

  2. This picture is so spot on with 2012 life. My boyfriend and I sit and stare at our phones more often than I’d like to admit. Adorable couple.