DIY: Shearling Cape.

Another thing that #thatbitchsandy took away from the People of New York is Fall. She came, she took the leaves, the foliage, and about 20-30 degrees.  Ok, so now what? Winter clothes. I actually thought of this because of Jon Snow’s Game of Thrones super sexiness in his coats and shearlings, and north of the wall black. Amazing how good looking that boy is. WOW.

This is the easiest DIY you will ever do. It takes about 2 minutes total.

You will need:

I used an old Ikea shearling rug, They make both real and faux.

Scissors, good ones.

A coat, cape, or jacket with buttons not zippers. (Or you can sew on your own buttons.) The cape I used is from Zara 4 years ago.


First you are going to take the rug, wrap it around your body while wearing the jacket and eye ball it. Do you want it to be even on all sides? I wanted mine to be longer on one.

Then you are going to lay it flat, and cut it. I cut from one side to the other, narrow to wide. The edge you cut will be the part that wraps around your face. Make sure to rub the edge you cut a little bit so that the stray hair falls out before you put it on.

Then you will turn it over and poke a hole with your scissors, making a slit for a button. Repeat on the other side.

This next part you can do while on your body or off. Basically you button the collar onto your cape. I used the smaller end on the top button – a button I will ultimately leave open. Then CLOSED the rest and buttoned the bottom piece, the wider edge, a little bit further down.

And there you go! Channeling my inner Jon Snow!

Beanie is from Scoop Men’s dept, HERE. The sunglasses are wrapped in leather and they are by SUPER and from Bright Eyes in Brooklyn (718) 382-8722, courds are by Club Monaco, similar HERE. Cape is old and from Zara, gloves are by Sermonetta.

I plan on using the rest of the shearling too. I’ll post that when I’m done!


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  1. Chic, innovative and easy peasy. All marks of a DIY I can’t wait to try. It’s fab!

  2. Cheri says:

    Its stunning!,,,,,, would never have known it was a diy!!,,,,,,,ur awesome

  3. Love!

  4. This is so cute! Sorry you guys missed fall. Hope all is well. Thoughts to you and the east coast.

  5. MMish says:

    Looks awesome!!!!!