DIY: Needlepoint Belt.

Oh hey guys, notice anything new about me? Oh, well, how ’bout the NEEDLEPOINT BELT that I made in JULY that is finally here! Finally!!! I started this project in Croatia. I went to Stitches’s NJ location (there main store is in Gravesend Brooklyn) right before my trip and we custom designed this pattern, the colors, the stitches and measured it to fit. Stitches hand paints each needlepoint to order. “I want it to look like I found it in the $5 bin at a garage sale,” I told Morris, the owner. Yup. Mission accomplished. I worked on the belt all summer, but since Stitches had never made a belt before (they make so many other super cool, young, hip and fabulous things: pillows, clutches, backgammon sets, challah covers etc…) we got a little stalled. Eventually I went to Annie & Co in Manhattan for more string and they had a bunch of finished belts sitting there for me to see and had it all worked out with the leathers and buckles etc. So I did that.

For a five dollar look, it sure cost a hell of a lot, and took about 30 hours of TV watching work to finish. You cant even really call this a DIY, because DIY implies quick easy and not that it’s a full blown craft or hobby. Which it is. When I was a kid, this was a trendy thing to do, but we only knew one stitch, a single diagonal stitch. Now Stitches taught me a bunch of different cool stitches, and aside from looking cool, it makes the project go by much faster than doing it one by one.


This was my first needlepoint in over 10 years, so I stuck with the easy stitches. I actually made another belt that is even COOLER- and complicated and expensive looking- but I was waiting to see this one before I sent that one in to be finished. Now I cant wait to get it. This was supposed to be my end of summer/fall belt. I hate that anything not involving my direct hands takes forever.

Hey girl heeeyyyy! Wait, just wait, till you see belt number two.

You can contact Stitches HERE or Annie & Co HERE.

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  1. I want one!!!! I love it.

  2. You’re a genius. period.

  3. love it!!! love that photo in the fridge too!!

  4. well, it looks really awesome! the colors are killer.

  5. So jealous- it looks awesome!

  6. Lisa says:

    Want your bootie!


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