Detox Kale Salad.

Do you also feel like crap? You do. This is my favorite salad to make at home for myself, and I  generally hate making food when its just for me. I’m impatient so I  just eat cereal from the box, or junk unless I’ve cooked for everyone, or I’m eating out. Or I just starve and get really cranky, then eat junk. My mood is directly proportionate to my physical comfort. I know that about myself, so I have to try to mitigate the problems before they start.


Kale + any fruit, but grapefruit is my favorite and makes me feel instantly better, (incidentally, its also my favorite mixer for vodka and gin and I use grapefruit wedges instead of limes) + sea salt + lemon + olive oil + drizzle of honey, I threw in cucumbers, but you don’t have to. You can put in avocado (even into the dressing, it will act like the honey) and or nuts etc… I also like kale with Craisens. The basic idea is that you kind of need something citrusy and fruity to balance out the heavy greens.

Kale is the new arugula, haven’t you heard? The only problem is that it can feel like needles going down your throat and taste like grass if you don’t do it right. The key is: You really do need to massage it. It’s hard and spiky. That’s why I use honey. The honey helps relax the kale. I just toss it with my salad tongs in the dressing for a few minutes. You can let it sit for a while, and it wont wilt. Pretty good for a few days in the fridge too.

Anyway, I don’t know much about detoxing, but this salad tastes like summer and is made completely of superfoods. So go us. YUM.


1 bunch of kale, chop, and take the spines out.

1 grapefruit, chopped and de-pithed

1 Israeli cucumber

1 lemon

drizzle of olive oil

drizzle of honey

pinch of sea salt (I swear by Maldon- we buy it by the tub.)

Combine, massage, enjoy!

I also know Kale is a duh kind of thing at this point, but still. I made the salad and was home with the camera… I needed something new to take photos of. So there you go: Kale Salad Post. 

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  1. Caroline says:

    This salad sounds delicious! Lots of my favorite flavors. I think I’m going to try to recreate this for lunch. Will totally hit the spot after 4 days of more or less being a glutton.

    My favorite salad ever also features raw kale (you really do have to massage it). In case you’re interested here is the link to the recipe:

  2. Michmish says:

    I’m going to make this today, I feel like a pig after this weekend. Major detox needed. Thank you!

  3. ilana says:

    this looks delicious!