Back To Business.

I had no idea how I was going to get out of my funk. Life funk, end of the world funk, blogging at the end of the world funk.  Then I realized, contractual obligations and work will do that to you, or for you. Sometimes, they are just what you need to push you through to the other side.

This month, Paul Mitchell’s Curl Confessions campaign, which I’ve been so beyond psyched to be a part of, is expanding! Now they want YOU! By submitting photos and a short confession about the Truth About Curls HERE, you can be a part of the campaign. On November 15, The Truth About Curls will be live streaming these Curl Confessions by projecting them at the hippest locations in LA and NY and live streaming them on line starting at 6pm EST and PST. All you have to do is submit your #curlconfession by facebook HERE or twitter to @PaulMitchellUS, by using the hashtag, like so.

Additionally, Paul Mitchell is giving away the entire product line once a week to their favorite confession enter HERE. I’ve already told you how awesome their product is. And I wasnt kidding. (When I went to Newport, I left it home… Very, very ugly hair ensued.) Listen, we curly girls put up with a lot of crap (frizz, general ugliness sometimes, the 1.5 inch halo of post baby curly frizz I’ve been living with for two years that makes me want to shave my head and be bald. WHEN oh WHEN will that stop???), I figure we deserve some free stuff and a potential pat on the back once in a while. I know I enjoy it!

I actually have a lot of content on the back burner, so stay tuned, and I hope everyone is doing ok- on the east coast and everywhere, really. It’s a lot to deal with, I know.

Sponsored by Paul Mitchell, The Truth About Curls. Opinions, my own. 

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