Sorry for the late posting today, you know I take this seriously, but I had an unexpected late night last night – impromptu movie-going with my parents – SKYFALL!!!!- and an early morning today – trying a playgroup with my son, so I didn’t get to put a post up. I’m also working on the photos from the Thanksgiving shoot Ashlina and I did yesterday at my place. When do you guys want to see those? ASAP? Or Monday? What would be more helpful?

Aside from that and some fun appointments today, I managed to hit up H&M for the Maison Martin Margiela collection. What I love about this, is that the collection is RE-EDITIONS. Not just dumbed down version of their aesthetic for H&M. The painted jeans I’m wearing are from Spring 1992! And they fit like they would in 92,  too. Big ankles, loose in the knees. High waisted but not tight or Greece Lightening high. And  the boots are from Spring 2007! One of my friends has the originals, and she STILL wears them. Because they are still awesome.  I bought a bunch of stuff, but the jeans and boots are my favorite. Some of the trompe l’oeil men’s shirts were awesome. In short, it was good folks. Maybe my favorite collab yet. What did you guys think?? I feel super hero awesome in my painted jeans and lucite heels. For real.

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  1. Those shoes are insanely good.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I say post that T’giving business now so I can shop and copy this weekend.

  3. Love the boots. And please put up the pics from the photo shoot soon – your posts brighten my day.