There is a living room on the street right now.

On the street, literally, about two hours ago.

Some thoughts:

1. Interesting what people throw out in NYC.

2. If its on the street, it must have bed bugs.

3. The chairs kind of look like the garbage bags they are sitting next to.

4. But they also look like some of those Kelly Wearstler chairs.

5. We should start a drinking game, have a shot every time a blog mentions KW. We’d all be drunk.

6. These are those chairs, arent they, except with leather upholstery?  Should I be running to get them, bed bugs and all?

I seriously would, if it weren’t for the 10 extra chairs I already have.

Thoughts? Run, run now, these are a few yards of linen upholstery away from awesome? Or ew, these are the furniture equivalent of those Isabel Marant wedge sneakers? OR both, ugly, but run?

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  1. those chairs are tobia scarpa and worth thousands. not worth bed bugs though.

  2. and sofa might be sergio rodrigue or in (teh style of”)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I knew you would know! Maybe they dont have bed bugs? Should I risk it?

  3. check in the seams- if you see brownish red dots- RUN. but yes, if they ain’t gone, get them- it’s all good stuff.

  4. Totally take the sofa!! bed-bugs and all, get it super clean and re-sell!

  5. Rachel says:

    They do look quality-made, but gosh are they hideous.

    Run!: In the other direction….

  6. pick that shit up immediately and have it professionally cleaned.

  7. even if they are worth thousands they are ugly bugs…and probably filled with bed bugs.


    Rebecca June

  8. Think there is a lot of potential there….just sitting in the street…wonder who picks them up?!

    I am with my favorite and my best…..let us know what happens.

  9. Lawny says:

    The thing I love about KW is that she is so forward thinking that by the time the general population embraces her trend she has moved on. That stuff is not ugly, it’s fricken amazing!!

    Don’t you have access to a storage space?? I’d hoard it, have it fumigated and use it! That sofa, channel tufted would be the statement piece of the year. I am in serious love with the chairs.

    Good luck!!

  10. LOL Not a huge fan of the color or the couch overall. Run!!! :)

  11. Plittle says:

    Where were they? Probably gone now huh? What a shame!

  12. run. bed bugs are no joke.

  13. Wao….exactly like KW….see? nothing is never really new…just reinvented….bed bugs…can they be professionally cleaned? these are really cool….if you had a store of vintage furniture yes….but not sure what you would do with that

  14. Those chairs are amazing! Don’t take them home – take them to an exterminator and see if there’s really a problem!

  15. Jenduradis says:

    “the furniture equivalent of those Isabel Marant wedge sneakers”- hahahaha i love you!

  16. Hey there, it’s your cousin D—- Morah Miriam’s lesser half. One of my best selling items is Native Organics bed bug spray and if you we’re going to go after those, ahem, designer chairs I’d recommend a thorough dousing of the aforementioned spray and a call to my friend at who would spray my stuff and then heat the furniture to 140 degrees in his heated trucks and kill anything in there without harming the chairs. Just a thought even though it might be after the fact. Cool blog!

  17. angela melnik says:

    they are awesome, keep them or sell them. that leather color is beautiful!

  18. Carolina says:

    A bit late on the reply but I just came across your blog. Did you get them? they are amazing, the sofa would be a statement piece if played around w/less on your face items, the chairs have to go and be re-upholstered. Sad about the bedbugs… 10 years ago people would have been fighting on the streets for these, now we see furniture on the streets and that’s my first thought. Bedbugs! I even cross the street :-). Great blog.