The Children’s Museum of the Arts.

Sometimes, I can be a little thick. Like I didnt know about the state of California until two years ago. I knew it existed, I just didnt know how awesome it was. Same here. I knew the Children’s Museum of the Art’s existed, because we went there on a class trip with Cookie’s school almost 2 years ago the week after I gave birth to JoJo. (I thought I blogged about it back then, but I cant find the post!) At the time, I didnt want to not go on the class trip even though I had just given birth, because I felt bad for Cookie to be the only kid without her mommy there, especially the week after the new baby arrived. Plus, this is totally up my alley, right? Well, suffice to say that at the time, I thought it was very nice. “Cute” I would probably call it cute in that way that only snobby women call things cute when they mean “disappointing.” But in reality, it was cute, although the space was dark and small, and let’s just say, I haven’t been back.

Until Sunday. New location. Gigantic. Double height ceilings with tons of natural light. Wall to wall art projects. Amazing programs. Galleries, bouncy pits, a clay bar – where your kid will be taught how to make clay animals on her own, a still life center, media arts center, an animation room, a quiet room, teaching artists, collage stations… Should I go on? You will also probably see famous people, my kid almost collided with Karolina Kurkova’s kid Toby on the slide. Unlike a place like Make Meaning, which we also regularly frequent, the museum is not ridiculously expensive. You can spend $50 in ten minutes sitting at Make Meaning. Here your kid will play and create for hours for $11 per person.

When I was a kid, we did kid things, we had art lessons, we went to camp etc… None of it was state of the art. (I also walked to school in the snow, uphill, both ways. Wahhhhh.) This is one of those moments where I am so happy for Cookie  and JoJo (although he ate paint and glue all day, even though the facility is very age appropriate for him) that these kinds of facilities exist in the world for them to enjoy.

The photos I’ve included are some iPhone photos (again with no camera, but to be fair: alone with two kids, 2 hands- you get it. And I didnt plan to blog about this.) and photos from the Museum’s site, which is kinda skimpy on photos.

I know some of you are bored by any type of child talk. At least 5 people unfriend me every time I instagram a picture of my kid (although those pictures get the most likes!). But this place is interesting beyond just being a thing to do with your children. The space is amazing, the vibe is amazing. Its like a little creativity kitchen where you can see ideas bubbling to life. It gave me ideas. Many ideas. I’m not sure if you creepy people without kids can get in with a little one, but maybe. Try it and see.  (Why do I feel the need to point out that I’m joking about you being creepy? If I have to explain it, was it a bad joke? YES.)

I also have to add, the teaching artists loved my  DIY t-shirt, which maybe was a lottle cheesy to wear there that day, but come on. Too good. They were even discussing how we could do this with the kids at the CMA. I hate to mug for a shot in a post about something else, but here you go:

(You can see the glue from the museum on my legs.) You guys know it makes my day when someone asks me about something and *guess what* I made it. I even made a shirt that says “Ask me about this T-shirt. I made it.”  Of course, I think I’m hilarious, although my hub assures me that I’m the least funny person ever. Anyway, my DIY iron on shirt craze continues.

And as for the Children’s Museum of the Arts, it’s a must do for anyone with a kid in the city, visiting or otherwise!

Learn more, HERE. 

General Hours

Monday 12-5
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 12-5
Thursday 12-6
Friday 12-6
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 10-5


103 Charlton Street, between Hudson & Greenwich Sts
Tel: (212) 274 0986

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  1. very cool! THIS is why NYC is amazing for kids! Maybe I won’t ship my future spawn off to the countryside after all (like I could survive in the suburbs! ha).

    btw, in love with the jacket and we need to get together for t shirt time, I have a few photos that I want to wear ;)

  2. Lisa S. says:

    You are such a great mom…your kids will always remember their visits to the museum with you. Mine are now 20 & 16, but when they were little we used to go at least every other week to the wonderful Children’s Museum in Houston. They still talk about how much they loved those visits. This looks like an amazing place- enjoy taking your kids, those are such sweet times. Even if your son does like to eat the glue and paint!