The Band Tee.

My favorite Band T: Radiohead T-shirt, Mother Jeans. American Apparel clutch. I love this outfit. 

Stoli ORGNL.TV  has teamed with the duo behind  Nina Sky in honor of their new single  and they’ve asked me to share my thoughts on fashion and music. Nina Sky, comprised of identical twins with very different style, has an aesthetic that plays with the balance of feminine and masculine, handsomeness even, with a dash of New York City chick, and you know I love that. When they asked me to share some ideas, I instantly thought of the resurgence of the Band T. The Band T shirt is the ultimate in masculine cool girl attire. Much like the wearable-homemade-art-T-shirts that I am obsessed with making, the Band T is the perfect thing to wear when you really feel like you need to feel like yourself that day. Doesnt wearing your favorite Band T, and the memories of the night you bought it give you the warm and fuzzies? In no small part do to the fact that the good t shirts really are warm and fuzzy, and thin, and holey?  (Wanna know when I got this shirt? I went to a Radiohead concert 9 months pregnant and went into labor with Cookie the next day. There, I just uncooled this blog post.)

Worn with a denim Parka from Zara that all of NYC has by now.

And obviously, if you are 17 you have never been to a Nirvana concert… but broadcasting that you like Nirvana (or better yet some obscure band that no one else knows about) feels really good, doesnt it?  It’s obviously not as cool if you didnt get the shirt in some authentic way, but points for trying.

Some of my favorite Band T inspiration shots:

Bottom line, I’m super behind any fashion that is menswear inspired, are lazy (this season has fetishized the casual), and are about self expression: whether you waited on line for the tickets in the rain in 1979, or bought the shirt on ebay, inherited it, or even bought it at Urban Outfitters. And while I love the Band T in a sloppy casual way, I love it even more when its done up preppy/sophisticated. The feminine/masculine balance is alive in the Band T.

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  1. Love it! Was at a meeting and everyone was reading my Black Keys tee shirt under my Chanel jacket! Ha!
    Love the post of course!