In Celebration of Frizz.

I’m still so excited to be a part of the Paul Mitchell Truth About Curls campaign. It’s so cool to be a part of something that celebrates individuality, self expression and something I have: curls!  So today, I’m going to tell you a little truth about curls that people don’t really ever admit to or say: A little frizz can be beautiful, its kind of desirable actually. Every product is designed to defeat frizz, but according to me, the real goal is to manage it so that its contained and glamourous. Is there anything more beautiful than when the sunlight gets behind some little wisps of frizz and it glows? No! It makes for some fabulous photos.

The Truth About Curls is all about how real women celebrate their hair, so I decided to pull together some street style shots of women and men with decidedly beautiful curls and frizz and to talk about how I use the products in my own life.

If you have ever washed your hair with regular shampoo, you will note that by the end of shampooing your hair is one gigantic dread lock, that you need to add an entire hand full of conditioner to in order to get a comb through it. This shampoo is super moisturizing, so that is a non-issue. Its almost like a 2 in one, except that a 2 in one would NEVER work for someone with real curly hair.
And like I said last time, this is the key. Leave in treatment is the only way. It smells delicious. It adds the right weight to the hair so that the curls are formed, but not heavy.
Then I finish up with a dab of  Ultimate Wave.  A beach texture gel, just a dab gives the hair enough texture and hold-togetherness to last all day.  Alternately, you could use the Twirl Around, which defines and separates waves and curls, but lets them stay soft and smooth looking. According to me: with the right level of frizz. The kind of frizz that looks beautiful and natural and not like a brushed out bomb. We all know you dont brush curly hair dry, and you certainly do not want the  curls to look like they came off a curling iron and were hair sprayed (pageant curls) or crunchy (fusilli curls).  I made the mistake of leaving my products in NJ for two days last week… my hair was all kinds of bad-looking. Now this stuff comes with me wherever I go.
I encourage you to check out the Truth About Curls facebook page, where you can learn more about how to manage curly hair, and hear other women’s stories… If nothing else, the Paul Mitchell campaign truly highlights how emotional people are about their curly hair. It’s not just a little thing to us, it’s a defining feature that puts us in a sisterhood.
You should also use the salon locator to find out where to buy your own products HERE and submit your own Curl Confession  on the Truth About Curls Facebook page using the hashtag #curlconfession.

Above are some of my favorite street style personalities:

Photo 1 and 3 are Julia Sarr-Jamois captured by Mr. Tommy Ton is one of the most exciting people to see in street style shots. Not only does she have fabulous style, she has the coolest hair on the planet.

Number 2: Zoooooe is this teenage girl with one of the most insanely awesome instagram accounts. She takes gorgeous photos of herself and her famous “Zoe Fro” daily.

5: Christina Caradona is one hip lady. She’s a fashion blogger, model and actress based in New York. She also makes me thing I should cut my hair. ASAP.

6. Male Curly via Streets of Style.

7. These two sisters are street style famous for their magnificent and matching curly hair. Photo by The Sartorialist.

8. Beautiful girl with freckles via Vanessa Jackman

And the last photo is of ME by Emily Anderson for Rue. All the rest of them are from Pinterst.

OK, all done… now go celebrate some frizz today!

Sponsored by Paul Mitchell. 

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  1. Curls says:

    Wonderful photos. This is the secret language of curly hair.

  2. Cheri says:

    Awesome pics!!!!! The curly club!!!!!