Ideas, please!

Hey All,

I hope you all had a great weekend…I  need your help. Kind of.

On Wednesday, I’m supposed to be speaking at a small fundraiser for my former high school in Brooklyn.

Why, oh why did I agree to this? (For the record, I say this about every single thing I ever agree to do. Right before I panic and freak out.)

I’m supposed to do some kind of demonstration, DIY project, or something with the women. Key word being: WOMEN.

Do grown women other than me really DIY? Maybe they do. I dont know what DIY would hold their attention… many can skew a little young.

So I want to poll you. What kind of DIY should I do on Wednesday?

A bracelet, necklace DIY. We can use leathers, chains etc… I have a few ideas.

Modge podge type project. We can collage stuff, make little boxes or bowls for jewelry… Just a thought.

DIY leather tassel keychain? I can also teach how to make those tiny threaded tassels and we can make jewelry with them. OR we can make jumbo tassels like the photo above.

I mean, I’m obsessed with iron on shirts. But too hard to work out with all the printing of individual pictures, right? Also too easy. And no one is really going to wear it except for me.

OK, so now, ideas please! It cant be too messy. Thats it.

 Street style photo by me ;)

UPDATE: Ok, I got it. And it’s a good one. Stay tuned!

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  1. What about marbling paper? I did that this past week and it was a really fun (and easy) project.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I really think it should be fashion related – a necklace.

  3. do that shoe thing you did w man repeller. i would be psyched to do that.

  4. where is that necklace from?? its me!! I need it!! I think the best thing would be jewelry or a key chain for sure. Easy and no mess….Something leather like you mention would be great. I think anyone would love a necklace, bracelet, key chain no matter what age.

  5. I know how you feel about high school… I say tassels are always chic and can be made using so many different braiding techniques, shapes and mediums. They can also be used in the home as well as accessories on bags, necklaces, etc… Can’t go wrong!
    Another favorite at home DIY that you got me hooked on is dying oldies but goodies for a new rebirth!
    Remember the miu miu gem adorned kitten heels we reworked with a little boiled dye? Voila! New shoes!
    I have since done the same to stained clothing, etc…
    I know you will do great and be an inspiration to all!!

  6. amanda says:

    friend of mine has a store and they do alot of home decor diy classes for moms/ladies – something they can put on their table at home as the new seasonal centerpiece. maybe a little mainstream, but it might make you think of something.

  7. Diane Martin says:

    I really love your box braid bangle DIY. Perfect for gifts with the holidays coming up.

  8. All of them sound good but the tassel keychain would be good. Its simple enough. Some people could be a tad intimidated by trying to “make” something and that is fairly straight forward.

  9. I think a tassel necklace DIY would be super cool. I also really like the idea of DIY anything leather, since it’s, oh so hot right now.

    Good luck! You have a fantastic blog and I’m sure no matter what you choose to do, it will be creative and fun!