DIY: Marbleized + Striped Glassware.

When I was asked to do the DIY demonstration, I said yes, because I have trouble saying no to people. Then I forgot about it. Then I was reminded about it. Then I panicked. Then I blogged about it. AND THEN, I figured out what I was going to demo. I learned the skill, I practiced, and I demo-ed! And it was fun!

So what is this DIY? Well, its a marbleizing technique I’ve seen done on nails, it’s also the same technique you use for making marbleized papers, and I’ve seen it done on christmas ornaments, and then lastly, the awesome blog Honestly WTF did it on some glasses a few months ago. Of course, I took that idea and did my own thing with it…. in a way that makes me infinitely happy. I love the way they turned out and I’m on a glass making BINGE. (Between the glasses and the practice, I probably burned 8 billion brain cells this week.

I chose this DIY for a few reasons:

Its both easy and hard, anyone can do it at home with household products, it makes for an awesome demonstration, AND it can be applied to anything you can think of.

The basic idea is you suspend nail polish in water- it creates a thin film on top of the water- and then dip the cup bottom in it. Think, awesome shot glasses on your bar, fun drinking glasses, holiday themed glasses. You can change them up as often as you like, just by using nail polish remover.

Should we get to it? I included my own instructions as well as the little tips and tricks I’ve learned from doing this 100 times.


Filtered, room temperature water. (This works the best. TRUST.)

A small container, or cup. (A round cup or container is preferable, the smaller the cup, the easier the entire process is. Just make sure you can put your glass in and out easily.)

Glasses. Its easier on glasses that dont have a very indented bottom. The smoother the better. It also reflects better when the bottom of the glass is thick. My favorite were the Chaser Glasses at Cb2 ($1.50) but all of their glasses would work for this.

Nail Polish. Any color, any brand. BUT some colors spread better than others, TEST THEM. I chose the cheapest nail polishes at Duane Read.


Painters Tape.

Nail polish remover.  For slip ups.

Clear polish. 


OK, here we go.

1. Fill a small container with the filtered water.

2. Tape up your glass before you start pouring the nail polish. You don’t HAVE to tape the edges, it could look cool coming over the edge, or you could just clean it off later with polish remover.

3. Take 2 or 3 colors of nail polish. Using the polish brush, let a drop or two of the nail polish fall into the water. You need to let it fall in, from a short distance. If you do it from too far away it will sink to the bottom.

4. The nail polish will (hopefully) spread into a thin layer of film on top of your water.

5. Take your next color and put a drop or two into the center of the first blob in the cup. (You may not see the first drop of polish, its there, just being filmy.)

6. Dont put your brush into the water, just let it drip off casually. But keep adding colors to the inside of the color before it.

See how it spreads?

7. ACT FAST. You have a minute or 2 to do this whole thing, which should be fine.

8. NOW- you can either take a toothpick and without breaking the outer few rings of the circles, swirl the colors around until your reach a pattern you like, OR you can just move on to the next step.

9. Take your taped up glass. Hold it over your cup. Angle it about 35 – 45 degrees. You MUST angle it slightly or the pattern will break apart.

10. DIP quickly. Watch the pattern adhere from the inside of the glass.

11. Pull it out and turn it upside down to let it dry.



PS – Metallics work GREAT. Glitter is an eh. You could probably make it work if you really tried.

Metallic little bowl. Cute for the side of a bed, or nuts etc… This one is really a storage container that I dug up in my apartment, but a bowl with a great shape would be awesome. 

My tester glasses, these are the ones I was practicing on. Bubbles are normal, and as long as they are small, they add to the look. 

From now on, I can only drink orange juice or serve a brunch meal (how often does that happen, never.) using these glasses. Done. 

And this is the set I made for myself. Obviously. I used the Cb2 Chaser glass and a pitcher also from cb2. I mean, come on. Really come on. How awesome are these? Just how? I think I need a 12 piece matching tumbler set. At least.

 12. Later you can put a layer of clear polish on it, to protect it. The photo of the metallic bowl has the clear polish on it, and is shown from through the glass, on a tray, which makes it look more solid and the pattern pop.

TROUBLE SHOOTING: This is really an easy thing to do once you get the hang of it. It took me at least ten tries before I could figure out how to angle the cup so that the pattern didnt break. (I was placing it in flat before, which made air bubbles.) Just keep trying, remove the old polish with remover.

You should clean off the top of your water after every glass.

So in my imagination we make faux malachite glasses, faux tortoise shell, orange juice glasses with orange bottoms (I already made one!) etc etc etc… What about using those flower vases that come as gifts? Any cheap glass works.

Ok, so here are some photos from the demo:

I’m a hideous monster, and this is the grown up version of the DIY sweet 16 we did this summer!

Gotta love my support team: Sarah, Doris and Claudy we’ve all been friends since high school! Also there but not pictured were my mother, grandmother, mother in law, husband’s aunt, husbands cousins, my friend Hannah… LOL. Ha. LOL works better, cause it was embarrassing and very very cute. Everyone seemed to have fun and it was a friendly and light afternoon! Success. Whew.

So yes, one of my favorite DIY’s ever.

One more thing, hand wash them.


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  1. So glad it was a success!! I had no idea that is how its done…so cool!!! You are awesome!

  2. Best. DIY. Ever!!

  3. Fun day! Awesome DIY

  4. O M GAHHHH. These turned out SO fab! Definitely do this at the thing you have to go speak at. FAB!

  5. Michelle says:

    I want to do this right now!!

  6. Soooo fun!!! I love your DIY’s. Your projects are fun and the final results are stylish looking too!!! Thanks so much for always inspiring us!

  7. Cheri says:

    Itvreally was great!! The women loved it!! U could make a buisness out of this!!! Was fun and very creative. Great job!!

  8. Jill says:

    great pic!! sad i missed it :( looks awesome!

  9. Mary Mellen says:

    Please add me to email list! Thanks.

  10. Hey, I liked what you’ve done here :) Just wondering, how long does the nail polish last on glass? Is it ok to handwash and stuff?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yes hand wash. I don’t use mine as every day glasses, just once in a while. They hold up if ur careful!

  11. Lynn Daniels says:

    Why can u only marble the bottom of the glass? What would happen if u did it, say half way up the glass as well?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I dunno! You can try it! It might break the pattern.


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