Designer: Kelly Behun.

A few days ago I came across the portfolio of designer Kelly Behun. I actually saw the above photo – which happens to be Ivanka and Jared Kushner’s apartment- and then looked her up to see the rest of her work. Now we all know I could never live with such few things, and that I’m not usually drawn to such minimal and modern interiors. (Well, sometimes.) I just now realized, I’ve never actually lived in a room with white painted walls. Not in my whole life, except for college and those cinderblock walls were bandaid beige, not white, and when I first moved into this apartment before we painted. My childhood bedroom is so fantastically 80’s and its still perfectly preserved. I’ll try and take a picture of it for you when I go in to Brooklyn on Wednesday. Its just so glorious.

Anyway, white walls are tricky. First you have to get the right white that doesnt have a yellow or green cast to it. Then you have to do something special in your room. If you fill a white room with furniture that doesnt look considered (Considered is my new favorite word for discussing style. Something may or may not be my idea of taste, but if someone or something looks like someone actually considered and noticed it- purposeful, its head and shoulders above most things, ESPECIALLY when it comes to clothes. As someone who is actively looking for stylish things on the street, let me tell you, most people look like they just rolled into whatever happened to fit and was barely clean that morning. Including me. When someone actually gives one more speck of a crap about it, its very obvious. Instead of looking like worn out work-zombies(most people fall into this category: tired), they look refreshed, upbeat, exciting. The little things like well fitting clothes, something colorful, something intentionally strange, it does wonders for first impressions. Taking street style photos really makes me think about how I present myself as well. I mean, you and I know I’m awesome… but now I think twice before one of those dropped-my-kid-to-school-without-a-bra-mornings….) Oh, now where were we… so white walls. Tricky, because if the rest of the stuff isnt masterfully considered, it can just look like you forgot to paint. Didn’t care to paint.

So that’s what I admire about Kelly Behun’s portfolio. Simple with a twist. Quirky in a way that is fun and clean feeling. Simple but not boring. She uses a few things, but they are interesting. She chooses great art for the spaces.

All the photos are from her various projects, the first and the last 3 are Ivanka’s.

All this is part of the research I’m doing for my apartment “make-under.” It’s happening. Nothing big, but I have an excess of furniture (yikes!) and need to simplify, plus I need to replace a few things that got a little bit destroyed.

Oh, and that black lacquer, framed glass thing in the first photo is so damned gorgeous. Who would have thought? Its really really marvelous, and probably my favorite thing in all of these photos. That framed piece of black glass/mirror/lacquer/resin/whatever. Marvelous.

I should add that Kelly is also young and beautiful and makes funky art/furniture. 


All photos via Kelly


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  1. MMish says:

    Im loving these pictures, the rooms feel so fresh, so uncomplicated…i love it. I see a common theme between these rooms and that is a ton of light. Huge windows, bright exposure. Maybe thats the key to having white walls? I totally support this make under movement, cant wait to see what comes of it.

  2. Lauren says:

    These are pictures are the perfect inspiration for me since my landlord won’t allow me to paint. Though it can be annoying, sometimes I don’t mind all white walls. I think it can help keep things clean and uncluttered. You have a better since of all of your belongings.

  3. Lauren says:

    Sense* Typo!

  4. This might be some of my favorites yet. I would want to live like this but I think I like too much stuff.


    Rebecca June


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