Basically Awesome.


So I’ve never said this before: but there is GOOD black and white, and BAD black and white. (Remember when I did good purple bad purple?) Black and white can stray into cheesy/first year in PR/Z Gallerie/Alice & Olivia territory very easily. Im gonna stop myself before I insult more people. But there you have it. I don’t just love anything neutral. It has to also be basically awesome. And how is that? Fit and fabric, obviously. Sometimes its about taking the white to an off-white, bone or tan place.  But really, the whole look revolves around looking cool. I’ve been collecting these inspiration photos for a while, and so many of them are street style shots. A palette cleanser after fashion week. And below, my top “pulls” for effortlessly awesome basics. As if I’m special and I pull things now.

Shop the look, my top picks in black white and awesome:

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  1. Agreed, totally awesome. X

  2. Nicole, love your “pulls.” :D The top 3 are my favorites. Your B&W shop-the-look picks are great too.

  3. Those pants in picture three kill me. I need them.


    Rebecca June

  4. I am kinda obsessed with the tuxedo pants in black and white — Love. Heart. Desire. :)


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