The Ultimate Live/Work Space.

For today’s dose of mind boggling design consumption, I’d like to offer up the home of photographer Jay Maisel, who lives in what looks like an abandoned building on the Bowery with his wife and daughter. As a struggling young artist, Maisel bought the home in 1966 for $102,000. THIS ENTIRE abandoned-former-bank BUILDING on the Bowery. Its 35,000 square feet, that’s 72 rooms. Maisel and his family completely most of the renovations themselves(including Maisel says: shoveling shit to get through the front door), and remarkably, though this building is in a super prime downtown location and is reportedly worth something like $35 million dollars, Maisel constantly rejects offers on the building and still works and lives there with just his wife and daughter. The first 5 floors are gallery spaces as well as studios and he stores his work in the former safe deposit box. The whole thing is just super  SUPER cool.

This was published in NY Magazine a few years ago, but my brother just sent me a link and I thought it was awesome.  Things like this don’t exist anymore in NYC. Its fantastic, in that its fantasy-like.

You can read the rest of the article HERE. 

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  1. insane!!

  2. MMish says:

    the WHOLE building? thats incredible. Its like a Jackie Mason joke.

  3. wao!!!! SO cool!! Can you imagine growing up in that plce? throwing a party? Thanks that was really interesting

  4. This is unbelievable! Especially in NYC!

  5. This is incredibly gorgeous! What a creative place, must be so inspiring to work there.

  6. This is amazingly cool. You’re right — this kind of this is VERY rare…making it that much more special. I’m speechless!