Last week I posted about the Andy Warhol Campbell’s special edition soup cans. (I bought them by the way!) and today I’m continuing that theme: the theme of Pop Art, and how its processed by the mainstream. This fall, one of the biggest hits was the resurgence of Pop Art as inspiration, and collaborations with dead artists. Who would have thought a clutch (that I now proudly own) with a gigantic blown up comic on the side of it would be the biggest hit at fashion week? Well, if you thought about it, you would.

Fashion and art have a dandy little relationship.  They are at times somewhat irrelevant to each other and at other times so confluent its hard to tell who is influencing who. It’s symbiotic. Some people consider fashion to be wearable art and treat their pieces like collectors items And they can be.  Or they could be another “It Bag” thats a little bit past its prime (save it long enough though and it’s a classic!). I’m usually committed to a clean line and simple palette, even though my paintings are explosions, but this year, I totally love all of this art inspired fashion, and would rock the crap out of any one of those pieces. They are good enough to display. Wit and humor  in fashion doesn’t come around very often (I mean, it does, but not usually this ironically) and when it does, people seem to jump on it. The whole idea of Pop Art is that it arose out of popular culture and the mainstream, it became art because artists designated it as so, and now, when its reissued as product for mass consumption as product, its just super amazing. Taking inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein- some of his most famous paintings are almost exact copies of the comics he was inspired by, so now having Phillip Lim lift the same images right up and offer them up as fashion- it’s just really great.

Designers like Nicholas Kirkwood, Charlotte Olympia, Phillip Lim, and Markus Lupfer to name a few are taking this joke very seriously, its so fun, so why not!?

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  1. francine s. says:

    HUGE fan of Lichtenstein. I want the crying girl clutch. It’s a great trend.