The Children’s Zoo at the Bronx Zoo is simply amazing. For some reason, we always skip that part in favor of the better exhibits (lions, giraffes, etc.). But now that I know my son will climb any fence, into any enclosure and through any moat or pond, its safer to keep him away from the predators. Also, I always wonder, what is that weird guy with the camera gonna do with 800 pictures of that turtle? That lion from 200 feet? That chicken? Answer: Maybe blog about it? No but seriously… I now have 300 pictures of ducks on my computer. I’ve never seen such happy ducks. Ducks being so ducky.

And another thing, if you are visiting New York and think you dont have time to go to this zoo, and would rather hit up some museums and lunches, really, just don’t skip it. Every time I see that Bronx River gushing, I think Im Christopher Columbus discovering a new world, and that maybe Pocohantas is hiding in those woods. None of that is even remotely historically accurate, I know. But who cares, its my fantasy.

I have more fun things to show you from this weekend, we really packed it in. Does anyone have any fun day trips from NYC to recommend?

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  1. ray says:

    lucky ducky!

  2. Abraham says:

    Yes, go to the Pier near One Brooklyn Bridge Park, the views are stunning and the kids will have a blast.