Monet’s Garden at The Botanical Gardens.

Monet’s Gardens at the Bronx Zoo. Remember it was on my list of things I’ve been wanting to do? Well, I dragged the family there after the zoo on Sunday.

We came, we saw, we destroyed. The khaki and loafer wearing, softly playing classical music in the conservatory listening, Mario Batali event-going gentlepeople didn’t know what hit them. Cookie followed another family into the second lily pond area, while my son dove head first into the other. It was lovely. No, really. Why don’t more rich suburbanites have conservatories? How ’bout walk through manicured herb gardens with geometric brick paths and topiaries? If I ever live in the suburbs, I’m going to do it up right.

Also, I’ve never been to these Botanical Gardens before. I grew up in Brooklyn, so we always just went to the one in Prospect Park. The Bronx is so where its at. If the Zoo (which is connected/across the street from the gardens) makes me feel like I’m Captain John Smith, this makes me feel like I’m in a Jane Austen novel. And the Gardens include the largest remaining tract of old-growth forest in New York City. Need to go back to see the foliage for their Forest Weekends in November. Apparently, that’s spectacular.  The Botanical Gardens are worth the trip alone just for the grounds (I saw people jogging on them, how lovely!) but there is a cute Adventure Garden for kids, a haunted pumpkin patch all month, and an edible garden.

Monet’s Garden is only open through October 21, so go this month, before it gets too cold anyway.

I find the only way to live in this city, is to leave it sometimes. And technically, I didn’t even really leave. Ahhh… brisk beautiful fall days. And THIS is why  fall is the best time of year.

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  1. shimrit says:

    my sister and i went to see Monet’s Garden about a month ago – so beautiful!!

  2. kates says:

    The Bronx Botanical Gardens are certainly beautiful and they should be for all the wealthy benefactors they have! I don’t know when you’ve last been to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens but they are looking great with a new entrance/visitor’s center, children’s garden and lots of old growth as well as new plantings. They are also conveniently located next to the Prospect Park Zoo!

  3. GORGEOUS photos! I’m game to come with in November for the forest thing.