Kelly Wearstler in Tribeca – updated.

In case you missed it, this weeks New York Magazine featured a Tribeca home designed by K-dubs herself. “Rich and sexy” were the instructions she got from the owner. Personally, I cannot figure out what the heck is going on… and the fact that New York Mag only gave us 4 pictures, all of which are weird does nothing to help. Come on, no picture of the living room other than the expansive shot above? The photo of the bedroom is not of the bed? Why so chinchy new york mag?

Here the walls look like antique mirrored but apparrently they are hand-etched glass with silver leaf and that is KWID-designed Lucite dining table. The fixture is by Lindsey Adelman Studio, of course. The walls make it very hard to tell whats happening, but my favorite things about the space are the tall black and white painting, framed by the vintage lamps.

The cerused oak that runs throughout is almost cartoon-y. (Reminds me of the art on the outside of the Novogratz house!) But I do adore the marble sculpture that Kelly designed for the space. Its awesome. The mink chair with horns…well, I could do without.

Ann Thornycroft’s Sankhara V that hangs above the desk in the Master bedroom is the star here for me. And I kind of really like what they did here with the desk and cabinetry here. Its cooky but interesting.

What do you think? Love or hate? I’m confused. She does have a new book coming out, and a new furniture line, so maybe this is a teaser?

Update: one of my anon super secret NYC sources just sent me this:

It’s the other view of the bedroom… And this confirms two things: the apartment is probably way more amazing in person. And 2: channels are the new tufts. I love that bed.

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  1. the bed is amazing (good sources!) and I like of the pieces stand-alone but do not love this at all….too busy, too KW (if that’s possible….as if they did the one-stop shopping thing which I don’t think looks good.) happy saturday

  2. oh and I love the light fixture above the dining table

  3. Lori says:

    Love me some KW, but this looks more like a store of Kelly stuff than a home.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I think its that center table filled with her objets d’art that are making it feel like a store.

  4. Love your blog! This is the least favorite of her work. I can’t imagine having to wake up there on a daily basis!
    Tons of hugs!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  5. jpw says:

    I am always intrigued by Wearstler’s work. These are themes that she has been working for a while. I personally wouldn’t want the same floor the she has in her retail store but that’s me. She is really pushing a the “KW” brand here. We’ve seen her do the Sottsass inspired pieces (like those in the bedroom) … much of the lighting (shocked to see the Adelman piece. The client must have insisted) and her custom pieces actually I think I’ve seen all of this in one of her previous projects. My guess is that when you have huge gobs of money you get her attention and personal genius, like in her recent and absolutely amazing Mercer Island project and when you have small gobs of money you get her “stuff”. Either way, it’s pretty cool.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Agree… the Adelman piece is out of character for her…. Very interesting points.

  6. The whole thing feels a little mis matched even for her. I of course love the dining room (I assume) light fixture, but I really want to see the kitchen!


    Rebecca June

  7. It seems a little heavy-handed but I think that may be partially due to styling for the shoot. Otherwise, it is quirky and definitely her — I would want to intern with her team to get a sense of the thought process.