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Silly me….I knew this was coming out, but didn’t know it actually happened. DuJour, a beautiful new magazine that celebrated its inaugural issue this September did a write up of the windows at Newel .You may remember the beautiful tour I did of Newel earlier this summer- or maybe not, since no one reads blogs in the summer!- along with the interview of Gallerist Guy Regal HERE. But since I was out of town all summer, I had NO IDEA that these windows were being dressed by celebrated interior designers and that my piece was chosen by none other than Todd Romano to hang in his window. (I knew my piece was in the window but didnt know who put it there!)

Design By Todd Romano, My painting. 

It’s one of my favorite paintings that I’ve ever made, and I had it hanging in my apartment for a mere two months before I gave it to Guy to hang at the gallery.  Apparently the people at DuJour liked the painting too:

WHY….. THANK YOU! What is the internet for, if not a little humble-bragging… so thank you so much, I’m so honored! (Really am!)

I wish I could have seen the windows in person… but alas, they are already changed, and my painting has  moved. (If you follow my instagram, you would have seen it hanging beautifully in a different location within Newel.)

All this really inspires me to get back to work! I had a long and lovely summer, blissfully work free. But back in the city, its time to be inspired again. The suburbs are all about a connection with nature, the city is about the connection with man and culture. (I adapted that from a something my brother said about the East vs the West coast.) But I think its still true.

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  1. Wow Nicole, that’s amazing! And the dark walls really bring out the gorgeous colors you used. xo

  2. That is such great news! Love the Todd Romano window! And of course your painting!

  3. How amazing you must feel to see your art there! It looks beautiful. I’m ready to see what you work on too!

  4. Congratulations! I agree it is an amazing painting, and really pulls together so many colors of that room. do you think you will be making more in the same style?

  5. Lauren says:

    Is this one of the 2 big paintings that you had in your living room? It looks great in the window. I love all of your work and I need a bigger apartment just so I can buy more paintings.

  6. that is pretty awesome nicole!

  7. Awesome!! congrats! Looks fab

  8. Jenduradis says:

    stop it! i read your blog year round