It’s no secret that I’m a curly and so I’m so excited to announce that I am part of the Paul Mitchell Curl Confessions campaign this fall. Staying naturally curly is due in part to being one part tree-hugging/one part lazy and one part rebellious. Its also about getting the memo that “everyone” has hair that’s doctored in some way and then not really caring that much. And yes, it’s a little bit about being a free spirit (C-C-C-Carrie!)

But with that free spirit, there is maintenance, and that maintenance is sometimes really  easy or can be really annoying. Water quality, humidity etc are all deciding factors in whether it’s a wash and go day, or a bun day. First off, When you have curly hair, there must be a method. There is, like, a very specific way you need to do things to get your hair to look just right. Also, there is a specific way you want the curls to look: They cant be too tight, they cant be crunchy- heaven forbid- they cant be frizzy, they need to function as a whole and as individuals. That’s why so many products are terrible for curly hair: they make your hair either crunchy or waxy, or actually frizzier. The more you touch it, the worse it looks. The texture of the curls is everything. Everyone knows curly hair looks the best right out of the pool or the ocean when there is a little weight on it, but not too much. I usually buy products, then never use them.  Sot it was with hesitation that I tried the Paul Mitchell shampoo, and then LEAVE IN CONDITIONER (nailed it with that one, every curly girl leaves a little conditioner in anyway!), then the beach-y Wave Cream and separately the curl defining Twirl Around. But I kid you not, I’ve been getting compliments on my hair all week long! Every day has magically become the elusive curly hair good hair day. Yesterday was a particularly windy Labor Day at the mini-golf course, and the hair becomes more wind-whipped as time goes on… Take a look!

See what I mean? The curls stay together and yet look smooth and soft? I dont want all the frizz to go away, because then it will look like I just did it with a curling iron and I’m a flower girl at a bad wedding. It’s got to have body, sexy frizz but not gross frizz and of course it needs to move.

Lets not even talk about my hair color and length. This makes me see how much I need a trim and new color. Moving on.

Part of the reason that I embrace the curls, is because I was raised by a defiantly curly woman. She pretty much ignored me when I wanted to get my hair blown out, and so, by default, I became proud of the curls. And now I’m raising a daughter, who is so amazingly beautiful- and looks nothing like me- except for our single common feature: the long curly hair.

It makes me glad.

Check out the Paul Mitchell Curl Confessions page to win your own curly hair products before it even hits stores HERE.

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  1. I love it all!! I love your analysis on taking care of curly hair and all the facts of living with curls. The photos are aaahhhhmazing! You are lucky to have such beautiful hair. OMG I think you hair was designed by Botticelli!!

  2. Kat K. says:

    Curly gurls ;) LOVE it!

  3. You and Cookie really ARE hair twins. Love the pics! I’m a curly who has literally just never figured out how to deal with my curly hair (curly and super fine). And so yep: into a ponytail every day it goes. Clearly I need a curl intervention!

  4. Lauren says:

    I’ve always loved curly hair and used to get body waves when I younger because I wanted anything but straight hair. Those pictures of you and Cookie are so cute. You’re both beautiful! I swear I want kids every time I see pictures of yours.

  5. I LOVE this post so much.
    I wish you could come and help me with my curls-frizz.
    *Every* product I try makes my hair sticky, and doesn’t even work!

    You and Cookie are gorgeous.

  6. Marielle says:

    TWINS!!!!! I Love these pics!!!! and both your hair look awesome!!!! (Helloooooooooooooo c-c-c-curlyyyyyyy… The world is made of two types of women. The simple girls and the katie girls. im a katie girl! and where are our drinks??!!!”)

  7. jennifer o. says:

    Beautiful!! As a (mostly) straight hair girl, I’ve always been envious of others with really curly hair. I think it’s gorgeous and wild. The grass is always greener I guess…

  8. Hi Nicole! Love this! Can totally relate, being naturally curly (& a long line of family members too!). With you on staying natural and embracing what “we” have! Good luck with the campaign! (I may have to give the leave in conditioner a try too.)

  9. I love it!!!! I have more curly hair nightmare photos to share with you when I get back from holiday (IF i come back from holiday!). Work it, woman!

  10. post on curlyshirleys fb…. she can tell u a thing or two about curly hair!!! (shirley catton!)

  11. Jen says:

    Gotta love what gd gave u!! U both wear it very well!!u look more alike than u realize!

  12. Kim says:

    I LOVE these pics :)

  13. And honestly, very few women have perfect curls.Long hair is always more attractive than short hair.


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