10022-SHOE Party.

Yup and Wednesday night that company was me!  I attended a lovely little soiree celebrating the expansion of the shoe floor and five years of 10022-SHOE hosted by Vogue (!) and Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann, wearing Prabal Gurung, who was there too and cute. FANCY. Very fancy. Ridiculously fancy. Oh yea, and I was covering it for the Saks blog SAKSPOV. What was I doing there walking around and taking pictures? I don’t know exactly, but let me tell you it’s hard. Much harder than it looks. What is “party coverage,” cause I never did that before. Fake it till you make it? Or run and hide in a corner? I did a little bit of both. It’s super intimidating to ask a bunch of people you don’t know for their photo, especially because its an industry party and the little known fact about industry parties, is that if you aren’t in the industry you don’t really know anyone… and well, yea, scary. The good news is, in the fashion world, if you ask someone for their photo, they are very, very excited but pretend not to be. That’s why they got dressed that morning, don’t be fooled! (See Leandra’s post HERE. )

Anyway, so yes, I did it. I took some photos at a party, I tried to have a little fun with it, and wrote a post about it for Saks. Yippee! Now go read it, HERE. Oh and I’m still aggressively trying to win free shoes in their Instagram contest, but I bet this disqualifies me, or ensures I don’t win.

Peekaboo! Tell me about the time you conquered your fears and pushed yourself to do something out of your comfort zone? It feels like I’m doing that once a week lately, and don’t kid yourself, I get VERY VERY nervous pre-game. I guess the key is to keep pushing through the fear?

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Great write-up (I don’t facebook so couldn’t comment on the Sak’s site). Loved the part about the zipcode, hysterical! Clearly, I need to get back to NYC ASAP!!!

  2. stephanie says:

    wow! photos are incredible!! no need for all those nerves

  3. great shots! what an amazing opportunity…AND you look hot! xo

  4. None says:

    Don’t become one of those blogs with a photo of the blogger preening in every post.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Ha. I used to hide and never be visible, and people complained about that. Don’t worry, I’ll try to preen only occasionally.

  5. You wore the perfect outfit! Love! Great article and photo coverage. I would be totally scared too to take people’s photos like that. I think you are right…just push through it….

    I think you are right….people do like seeing the blogger once in a while….but you are good about being moderate….xx

  6. Well done!! Pushing through all those scary experiences in life will help you grow as a person and once you get through them, you’ll feel like you can conquer anything!

  7. Gosh, can’t even imagine – I find shoe shopping confronting. Great photos and I do like the photo you posted of yourself – I like seeing the person behind the words. Have just discovered this blog, and I’m enjoying it.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it… I find shopping in general to be intimidating!


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